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Admins not doing their jobs
LLJK1 has recently become sort of a shitshow when it comes to what people say roleplaying is, bothering to roleplay at all and how the admins decide to handle the situation, if at all. While there are a couple regulars that still come onto the server, such as Doctorbleak, Loser_chunt, and myself, there are more newcomers that do not know what the "Roleplay Server" is supposed to mean.
This shows itself when a newcomer gets picked to be the antagonist. Earlier today I was in a round with Doctorbleak, CleverBoy12, Eristheslackwyrm, and others, and we had all deduced that Cleverboy was a ling, and we wanted to test his blood as proof. He immediately horror-moded and killed 2 people. This is when we began to argue that he wasn't roleplaying enough for the roleplay server, and he argued that he was allowed and justified to use all of his abilities whenever he wanted, and insisted that the "roleplay server means drinking, and walking around".

OOC: CleverBoy12: Playing this game
OOC: CleverBoy12: Is roleplay
OOC: CleverBoy12: Walking around
OOC: CleverBoy12: Drinking water is roleplay
OOC: CleverBoy12: This is a roleplay game
OOC: CleverBoy12: 100% of your actions are roleplay

 Later, Cleverboy came to me as I was waiting for the shuttle, stung me, and pulled me away without interacting with me at all before doing so.

LOOC: CleverBoy12: Yep
LOOC: CleverBoy12: I need to kill you
LOOC: CleverBoy12: So it is in fact roleplay
OOC: Zoosmelon11: "I need to kill you, so it is in fact roleplay"
OOC: Zoosmelon11: he said, while shoving me outside an airlock after i did nothing to him

Daria came to save me, and pulled me to the shuttle. She continued to push him out of the shuttle before it took off, leaving him stranded. At this point, he accused us of not roleplaying, because we "killed him for no reason", and "abused a bug to get him off the shuttle". At this point, Daria told us to "ahelp him if you want", and left the server.
CleverBoy12 and I began to argue on who was right, and we both ahelped. This is when Wonkmin answered, and decided using only surface level knowledge. (CleverBoy12's account), he decided he was innocent. When I asked him about it, he told me that because I was the only one that ahelped, there is nothing wrong with his roleplaying, and that because I was getting upset and claiming "murderboning", he wasn't going to listen to me, and that I was the problem. Had he looked back into the logs, he would have realized that I was not the only one that had a problem with the situation, that everyone else had simply left, and that there was more to what he was doing than "responding to being cornered".
I can understand that I was getting a little out of hand, but only because I'm sick of this happening in every round I'm in. Between admins not taking the time to research the situation, and people not ahelping at all because of it, the roleplaying server has fallen into a state of nobody caring about the rules, and it turns into the regulars having every other round ruined by the newer players.
As admins and mentors, regulars and newcomers alike rely on you to make sure that the quality of the players does not reach the point it has now, by helping them get a hang of roleplaying, and by policing those who refuse to listen. The idea that problems like this can be blown off just because only one person reported them is the reason why this problem needs to be addressed at all. A problem that makes it difficult for the people wanting to treat this server as what it is, a roleplay server, and to have fun with it.
I am always open to newer people joining the community, as long as they understand that this place has rules, and a purpose that is separate from servers like LLJK2.
there will be two camps here:

CAMP 1: Antags can be gigantic dicks and non antags basically have to sit there and take it.

CAMP 2: Antags have to roleplay out every murder that they do and have to have a silly gimmick that gets them killed by the crew ten minutes in.

There is no middle ground.
IDK, the "gimmick" thing doesn't really get antags killed in rp1 unless people are being nerds. I had a particularly fun game with Flourish and someone else at one point with *three* (and later one more) players, myself included, where the antag was literally not killed the entire round. At the end they were exiled to Mars as the shuttle was being called for being a totally real actual martian spy, but even that was done to justify ending the round since it was going on for a while.

tldr if an antag actually providing enjoyment to the rest of the crew instead of murderboning gets them killed instantly, the rando antaghunter is just as bad as the murderboner in terms of bad rp.
I dunno, I don't see a lot of roleplay potential is an actual changeling beyond pretending to be a good guy (which is such common knowledge for a good idea that it's normal on LLJK2).
You have to keep in mind that lings are beings that try to blend in with the crowd until they can kill their victims one by one, and them not taking advantage of such a situation would make them horror movie protagonists, not antagonists. This would be kind of reasonable if it was, say, a traitor going on a shooting rampage, but I just can't see much ling roleplay potential beyond pretending to be a victim (possibly with said victim talking them through it).

Though maybe toning it down a bit unless the population is decent might be a reasonable request.
I was the AI when most of this went down, so I saw most of it and was also involved. Might as well give my side of the story. I might not remember it 100% since i was quite tired.

I for one knew the captain was a ling before I became the AI and probably before anyone else, as he stung me early on without saying much, sending me into neurotoxin near death. I didn´t say much about it.

As far as I remember the captain didn´t say much most of the round, only occasionaly interacting, behaving somewhat immature. When the rest of the crew started to suspect him and wanted a blood sample he became more immature and mocking in the chat. I didn´t read the chat closely at the time since so much was going on, but i saw HoP(Daria) and the Chef(zoosmelon) telling the captain that he is acting immature.

My laws were changed so that only the captain is human, and to cause some tension and action i announced "Alert: Non humans detected."

At some point the captain got cornered in the bridge with Daria and the Chef who attacked him. Not sure if both did, but he was bloody and on the ground when he horror formed and killed one of them. I think the chef suicided at that point as I saw "x is holding their breath, appearing to commit suicide" in chat.

And that´s when the OOC exploded. Zoosmelon complained in OOC about murderboning and bad Roleplay. Cleverboy got into an argument with Zoosmelon. Things quickly devolved into a fight. Personal insults from zoos and a generally toxic attitude from both. The whole round stopped completely as this went on for 20 minutes. At some point Daria called the shuttle just to get a new round going, but the fight kept going into the next round.

A few people left or disabled OOC. I left around 25 minutes after the OOC fight started.

Also I did Ahelp a few minutes after it started and 2 more times later on, but never got a response from any admin.
This seems like a good time to share a relevant experience I had a few days ago on LLJK1 on the same topic. There was one round in particular that was very bad with lots and LOTS of IC in OOC, rule breaking AI's and terrible decisions all around. I ahelped it but I didn't have time to stick around and see if anything became of it. I've noticed lots of new players on LLJK1 that appear to be very young and not very aware of the atmosphere the server is supposed to have. Maybe a more significant Admin (Mordent please come back) presence would help sort this out.

If you want to know generally what happened keep reading.

4 main characters in this sequence of events: Prichard ; NewGreytider ; Captain ; NewAI

Act 1: Uh
NewGreytier is being fucking creepy and trying to grope people, basically bordering on weird ERP. Eventually stops (thank god). It didnt last long.

Act 2: Meh
Prichard makes a hissing sound in the bar and says something about drinking blood. NewGreytider acts worried. Captain goes on the offensive and talks about evil vampires. Prichard is amused. 
Prichard makes another hissing sound and the captain decides that vampires deserve death. NewGreytider fucks off to space. Prichard fucks off into space to avoid death.

Nothing terrible so far. So far.

Act 3: Heh
Prichard ends up on the faint with NewGreytider just by coincidence. All the while the captain has been shouting about killing the vampire and the AI is constantly trying to track him. NewGreytider begs not to die, Prichard offers to go host a radio talk show with lots of alcohol. Prichard is still amused

Act 4: Lol
Getting extremely wasted. The radio station is filled with puke, glass, and  drunk radio screaming. NewGreytider dies from dehydration (lol). Prichard sends his body back in the port-a-sci and goes to the space diner. Prichard is amused

Act 5:  BAD
The NewAI had sent a shell to the space diner and discovers Prichard. The NewAI begins to attack Prichard according to the captain's orders while Prichard drunkenly shouts "I AM HUMAN" over the radio. This is the first rule breakage in a long long list.. From the wiki "Human UNTIL the AI or cyborg WITNESSES the creature commit a non-human act (shape-shifting, transforming, proboscis etc)." 

At this point Prichard was a pacifist and had not harmed anyone. 

The AI stands by as witness as the captain valiantly pulls out his Spacker-12 and starts shooting the evil evil Prichard vampire.

Prichard is trying to make his way to the AI upload. NewGreytider starts complaining in OOC that nobody ever goes near chemistry (pls). He makes it! The AI is operating under vanilla lawset (weird right?). The captain had not subverted it. Prichard uploads a law saying that the captain is a traitor and is no longer to be considered human. The AI turns on lethals. Prichard takes heavy damage but manages to escape. 

Act 7: Make it stop
The shuttle is called. Prichard is running around this ship for his life as the AI tries bolting him into rooms and telling the captain where he is. The captain is hunting valiantly for the evil evil vampire still. NewGreytider is openly talking in OOC about someone going to research and finding his body please omg. The captain finds Prichard. Some random crew member starts attacking Prichard with a blunt  object. Prichard pours a firebeaker on him. The captain shoots his totally-legal Spacker-12 and hits the random crew member. Random crew member dies and the captain blames the evil vampire, and so does the A of course. 

Act 8: RIP
Prichard takes a spacker point blank, teleports away, and dies in a corner. NewGreytider asks in deadchat "Why did you kill me?"

End of round: Captain was an antagonist with assassination objectives. AI has one additional law stating that the captain is a traitor and not a human. Oh boy howdy.
For what it's worth, I've just had a busy couple of weeks (anniversary, vacation, generally a lot of social commitments, release week at work). I intend to get back to monitoring LLJK1 (as well as finish off my super-secret coding project), and have been responding to ahelps from IRC wherever possible.

Please, do keep ahelping people causing issues. We may not get to it instantly, but at the very least it makes us aware of it so that if it happens again we see a trend of behavior rather than a freak incident (not that that makes the freak incidents any less annoying).
I just had a round as a spy thief struggling to deal with a vigilante staff assistant who had attacked me before I had taken any kind of antagonistic action, and was hunting down other spy thieves, having taken syndicate weaponry for himself, and was attacking other members of crew who were trying to intervene, as well as cooperating with one of the spy thiefs to do it, despite not being a mindslave. Despite three admin helps, I never got a single reply nor was anything done about it.
Being an admin isn't a job, it's volunteer work. We do the best we can but sometimes there's nobody around to respond. Everything goes in a log and people's histories will eventually catch up to them but we can't promise you 24/7 action.
(10-15-2017, 09:22 PM)magic mountain Wrote: Being an admin isn't a job, it's volunteer work. We do the best we can but sometimes there's nobody around to respond. Everything goes in a log and people's histories will eventually catch up to them but we can't promise you 24/7 action.

Case in point, it took him a month, but he got to this. The wheels of progress in motion, folks, we're looking at the future here.

No, but in all seriousness, we may come across as jerks sometimes but remember folks that we do this for fun and because we like the power community.

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