Mentor Application: Dr.Meat
Usual Character Name: Dr. Meat
BYOND Username: Eggfess
Recommended by (if applicable): n/a
Times Available: GMT 14:00-04:00ish (one of few European mentors?)

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I want to help newbies, I have been playing since the end of ovary station and know how to do most things in game, when I started playing I didn't know anything & was scared of everything, mentor help changes this for new players.
I don't metagame even though I have been presented the opportunity to do so on many an occasion: fun is more important than me "winning" although I'm not sure winning means anything in space.
I have experience with Chemistry knowing how to create all but the newest chemicals, I know how to use most computers that don't require a degree in computer science, I can make bombs that make big holes, I know how to make/break computers, how to dismantle walls, make secret doors, hack doors, I know how to open un-openable doors, I can make a pod from scratch, I can make flamethrowers and other ghetto weapons, I have successfully played as AI without going crazy and/or getting loads of complaints on a few occasions, I know how to work (and actually use) the detectives gear, I know how to cook most recipies and even taught someone who I though more experienced than me how to make Swedish meatballs (greatest recipe in game). I've built several space houses in my time, I even once built a flaming shuttle in space next to the real shuttle for people to cook themselves in. All in all I believe I am qualified to be a mentor and spread the knowledge to my fellow spacemen.

I also feel that 300 words is a tad much for applying for mentor but i digress.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum)[word filter]: At first I missed it; then I realized I just missed SuperFart.

Previous Bans: Banned twice for gassing people, once with plasma, once with N02. I may have been banned a third time for a similar offence, not sure.

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