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I angrily shout politely ask the medical director to make me a borg shell while flicking through the cameras for anything suspicious.
Edit: Borg shell traits: Medical module, standard parts but with treads in place of legs.
I create a borg shell of whatever type the AI prefers, and then announce to everyone that I'm happy to clonescan them.
I scream, then wave and salute the janitor. A good assistant appreciates​ a crewman's job well done, as it shows promise in the crew to perform their assigned duties, but mainly that there's one less person to assist.

Jacked up on legal stimulants, I grab the box of Donk Pockets and toss two of the cold pastries on the floor. I then buy two packs of Pro-Puffs and a book of matches, dumping all of the cigarettes on the floor in a pile next to the two Donks. I sift through the smokes, hoping to find an acceptable flavor.
Stationeer: Security Officer

I'm going to message the AI and ask that they keep me updated on any goings on, then grab a segway and start patrolling
i go to my home, the telelab, and spreadsheet the fuck outa the teleporter, and bring in robustecs and implant myself with them.
Finally, as extra equipment, I grab two of the 5x5 thermite things, the Nuke PDA, and the Disk Tracker. I get in the pod to wait for my ally, set the passcode to 1337 as always, and bomb random PDAs. (Except that clown, no one cares or notices him)
stationeer: assistant

fart around looking for a toolbelt and some tools
Stationeer: Mechanic

Let's start the only way Mechanics ever should: making my way downtown to the mechanics lab from Arrivals, while scanning absolutely anything and everything that can be scanned on the way there.

Possibly including the authorization disc if it's along the way (though I don't think that can be scanned into the ruckingenur kit anyways.)
Vitatroll (1-): This is a lot to get done in a minute.  You attempt to plant some weed, but somehow manage to fudge it and plant eggplants instead.  This is such a profound fuck up to you that you sit there, depressed.  You forgot anything else you were making.
Today is not a good day.

Studenterhue (5): Upon arriving in science, you find two artifacts.  You successfully activate one by touching it.  You're not quite sure what it does, but it gives off a healthy feeling...somehow.  The second one will need to be activated in another way.

NateTheSquid (1): Amazingly horrified at losing your breakfast, you decide all hope is lost and slam your face into the deepfrier.
It's not plugged in.
Who runs this shitty kitchen?
You have no access to air right now.
*beep* (2): Your PDA suddenly explodes, destroying the frier and tearing one of your arms off.  You can breath again.

Lord Birb (2): You flick around the cameras when you notice the captain has dunked his head in the deepfrier before promptly exploding.  You alert the crew to this situation.

Lord Bird + elan_oots (4): The AI asked you to make a borg for it, so you did.  You successfully make a standard tread borg with a medical module.

Superlagg (2): You place the cold Donk Pockets on the floor and start to light cigarettes nearby to heat them.  You wait a little longer than you're supposed to and one of them catch on fire.  You quickly put it out.
You now have one slightly burned Donk Pocket and one Pile of Mush.
*beep* (1): Your PDA suddenly explodes, ripping off one of your legs and, even worse, destroying both of your donk pockets.

Frank_Stein (5): You send a message to the AI to keep you alerted on potential crimers and other important events.  While patrolling on your segway, you get a message that the captain attempted to drown himself in the Deep Frier and has now exploded.  This is shortly repeated over the public radio channel.

PH77SER (5): You successfully map out the location of several places of interest to explore.  You also obtain Robustsecs and implant one in yourself.

Youkcat (2): You grab the Nuke PDA and the Disk Tracker.  You wait inside the pod and send a Bomb to Three targets at random.

HotCoffeeMug (2): You go about farting up the halls in search of tools and successfully find some wirecutters.
You're slightly annoyed at how little you can do without the assistance of other tools.

NesMettaur (5): You successfully make your way downtown to mechanics with a large amount of things scanned on the way.  You also find the Auth. Disk lying in the bar.  You decide to take it with you.

Apartheid: *beep* (6):You hear your PDA receive a message.  Upon checking it, it simply says the word "boom".  What the hell is that about?

PDA Bomb Results:
Nate The Squid
Apartheid (dud)

Current situations:
Disk Location: NesMettaur
Nuke Location: Syndicate Shuttle.
Time til Nuke Explodes: N/A
Fluke Ops Incoming: Awfulworldkid is really bad at this.
Nuke Ops plan of Counterattack: Combat is + in New525 and Youkcat's favor.
Competent Medical Staff: Medical actions + for the station.
I communicate to Awfulworldkid our current plan, and begin to install the Shotgun Weapon to our Pod.
(HA! Nate's suicide THWARTED by me! Wahahahhaahhaha!)
I'm going to scoot on over to the kitchen and check on the Captain while radioing for doctor to meet me there.
i do what i do best. spam salute anyone who walks in while im sitting there
I scream; the explosion knocks me flat on the remaining part of my ass. The world goes dark for a brief moment, that last thread of consciousness kept intact only by the massive amount of space-caffeine and moon-sugar coursing through my guts.

Not wasting any time today, are we?

I put Superlagg's Left Leg into my backpack, pocket one of the surviving empty Robust Coffee cups, and invoke my Radio Headset.

Superlagg [145.9] exclaims, "PDA bombs. AI, call the shuttle!"

Charred, bleeding, with the better half of a cheapass PDA lodged in the dangling strips of my former left buttcheek, I take the most intact and least poisonous Pro-Puff in hand, take a drag (Tea flavored, oh boy), then hobble myself upright. I hopscotch my way toward Medbay.

The tea sweetens. Visibly. Somehow.
With the newfound power of having a nuclear authorization disk, I'll... hold on to that for now.

In the meantime, let's bug everyone by sniffing and constructing PDA packets! Today's goal is to convince everyone that the AI's gone nuts.
with the wire cutters i shall put them in my pocket and fart over to mechanics and steal borrow a pair of insulated gloves

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