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Minor Spears go on tables
The spear is a strange creature. When thrust, it will try to interact with certain objects on its furthest tile.

For instance, grab a spear. Find a table. Stand two tiles back from it. Click on the floor in front of the table, thrusting the spear. You'll find that the spear is now on the table.

Do this toward a reagent extractor (or any fixed thing that can accept items) and the spear will attempt to insert itself into the machine, only to be parried and rejected as an invalid object.

Be careful when spearfighting someone around a table. One stray thrust and the table will have stolen your weapon.
I came in expecting a complaint I could be a smart ass about.

But I left with a legitimate bug report.
also things like crates, disposal chutes, etc.

idk how byond works but couldn't we make it so when holding a spear you can't put it in a box/on a table unless in help intent or some shit. just hit the table otherwise?
In wonder if dropping a bag or box when getting attacked with a spear would be effective?
Wendigos also treat spear attacks as melee and teleport to the attacker when they go into their blood frenzy or whatever. I also think spear attacks have a bit too much range? Not in the sense that it makes them overpowered, but that combined with the table and locker interaction it makes them awkward to use or to hit a specific thing.

it'd be better if spears only hit one tile in front, just a slight extension

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