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Bee invasion gamemode. AKA alien mode with bees
First off, I was really bored at work today and decided to type up some idea for a game mode. I've been typing this off and on for like the past two hours.
Rather than using humans as breeders, they can use dead/living humans in their pollen hubs as feeders which increases their pollen production. Bees have plants similar to the alien's weeds, explained further in the bumbler's abilities. When bee mode is active, any current space bee eggs (like the one in hydro, or the ordered ones from QM will instead hatch player bees) will turn into player bee eggs. Don't order these from QM or you may be in for a lot of pain.

All bees are 100% resistant to flash stuns from flashes/flashbangs. Flashes, flashbangs, and taser bolts instead deal burn damage. Bees are INCREDIBLY weak to fire. Sitting on an active fire will deal HUGE amounts of damage to bees, killing most bees within something like 20 seconds. Flashes/flashbangs will deal about 15 burn damage to any bees they're used on. Tasers will deal 30 damage to all bees except yellowjacks. All bee classes are immune to stun baton stuns except for larva. Stun batons deal 25 burn damage on hit to bees.

As a basic rule there will be a minimum of 2 bees at the start, 1 queen 1 bumbler, of course with higher populations more would start as bees, but a minimum of 2. Any bees other than the queen will start as the bumbler.

Part 1 - The team
the bees are split into 6 classes
Larva aka crawling poop
Bumblers aka Drone
Yellowjacks aka Warrior
Carpenters aka Engineer
Honey Bees aka the Queen's guard

Part 1.1 Larva
Weak little slimey things crawling all around! Tiny little mushy things crawling on the ground! The Larva are your basic bee spawn, very low HP (about 60 total), average speed (about as fast as a monkey). Larva are unable of collecting or containing pollen. Larva are capable of moving in space, but not directing on space tiles (same as yellowjacks)

PASSIVE stun resistance
Larva are 100% resistant to taser shots, and stuns from stun batons are halved. Tasers will deal 15 damage on hit to larva, and stun batons 10 damage.

Using an unarmed harm intent attack on a larva will deal 7 damage to a larva. Making it a very fast way of killing them

A basic stining attack which deals about 15 tox damage instantly and stuns for about 10 seconds.
45 second recharge

The larva's only defense mechanism other than their mini-stinger, blend allows the larva to turn invisible for 25 seconds in order to escape harm.
60 second recharge

Part 1.2 - Bumblers

Bumblers are your basic bee, the first stage they reach after larva. They dont have much specialty wise, but they're a hardy bunch. Basically they are basic versions of carpenters and yellowjacks. Bumblers are fully capable of flying in space
Bumblers can hold a maximum of 75 pollen Bumblers have a normal weak melee attack


Venom sting
Stings a nearby human dealing 30 toxin damage and another 20 over the course of about two minutes. Not do deadly but when used by multiple bees can mean bad things. Causes eyesight to strain slightly and will occasionally cause the stung to cough when trying to talk. Will stun for about 10 seconds
35 second recharge, consumes 10 pollen

Create Honeycomb barricade
What it says on the tin, creates a basic, easily destroyable, but simple defensive wall. Has about half the health of a standard wooden barricade, and is HIGHly vulnerable to fire. Using something like thermite+fire/napalm will burn it down nearly instantly.
20 second recharge, consumes 5 pollen since it's a pretty weak defense

Wing Gust
Flaps your wings heavily for a moment, pushing back any nearby humans, knocking them down, but not stunning. Your basic defense against crowds. Does VERY (5) minor brute damage to any humans within range (1 tile each direction)
35 second recharge, consumes no pollen as it's really weak

Plant space flowers
Plants some magical space flowers that can grow on any floor tile/grow slightly faster on honeycomb floors. Generates a minor amount of honey when stood on. Doesn't spread like alien's weeds. A bee sitting on space flowers gains about 5 pollen per second.
5 second recharge, consumes 10 pollen

Entombs the bee in a shell on the ground as the bee grows into another class. The shell is very vulnerable to fire alone, it would take about 3 people with fire extinguishers beating it to crack it's case. If brute force is used to break it open the bee inside will be released, spraying (stunning) the nearby attackers in goop which stuns them for about 5 seconds so the bee can get away. The bee is also reverted to larva form. If destroyed with napalm the bee is killed
Yellowjack - 60 seconds in shell 30 pollen
Carpenter - 45 seconds in shell 30 pollen
Honeybee - 120 seconds in shell 75 pollen

Part 1.3 - The Yellowjacks
The yellowjacks are your close range warrior dudes. A yellowjack should be able to take out a single human no problem, and should fair decently against 2. Yellowjacks have the hardest armor (most health), but are incapable of full movement in space. They can still move about in space, but they can't control on space tiles like with a jetpack.
Yellowjacks can hold a maximum of 150 pollen

PASSIVE pollen generation
Yellowjacks passively gather pollen so they can use their abilities more often without returning to the hive. They gain 1 pollen every 3 seconds

PASSIVE barbed legs
Yellowjacks gain bonus damage when using basic harm-intent attacks with empty hands. Something like 5-10 damage for an attack would suffice

PASSIVE pollen coated fibres
Yellowjacks are slightly resistant to stuns, stuns from tasers/eguns are halved, but instead deal about 25 damage to the yellowjack rather than the normal 30.

Yellowjack sting
Similar to the basic bumbler sting, except doing more damage but only stuns for a few moments. Deals 25 toxin and 25 brute instantly, but does no damage over time. Stun should be anywhere from 3-5 seconds
35 second recharge, consumes 10 pollen

Sleeping sting
Does no damage, requires about 5 seconds to activate, but will inject a human with large amounts of sleep toxin for safe transit to the hive. When the human has the toxin in their system they're slowly healed of all damage, resistant to damage from space, and are prevented from suiciding. The healing is pretty slow, but enough to pull them out of crit if they're suffocating.
25 second recharge, consumes 15 pollen

Yellowjack wing gust
More powerful version of the bumbler wing gust, same radius (1 tile in each direction). Knocks people in the radius further and harder. Does about 25 damage
45 second recharge, consumes 10 pollen

Part 1.4 The Carpenters
The carpenters are the work force of the bee colony, tasked with more building of pollen hubs, larva chambers, and stronger walls than the bumbler. They have the lowest HP of the bunch of bees (other than the larva). Carpenters are fully capable of flying in space. Carpenters have the same basic melee attack as the bumbler.
Carpenters can hold the highest amount of pollen, with a maximum of 350 pollen The carpenter is the only bee other than the queen to actually start with pollen, starting with 50 pollen.


PASSIVE overlapping bristles
the carpenters have a larger maximum pollen capacity

Spray Fluids
The carpenters have the ability to spray a fluid in a 2 tile (each direction) radius which has a similar effect to space lube, except it only effects humans who aren't walking. When running they will be slipped and forced into whatever direction they're facing, taking damage and being stunned. While walking through fluids humans will take minor burn damage thanks for a trait they obtained from the queen's little "get together" with some space fire ants
180 second recharge, consumes 25 pollen. Fluids last 120 seconds on the ground before dissapating

Create Honeybristle wall
A more defensive wall than the honeycomb wall, the carpenter can create a durable wall for the hive. The wall has about 7 times the durability of a wooden barricade. The honeycomb wall is slightly less immune to fire based stuff, and will take about 8 seconds to burn up from any sort of fire, and then create a puff of pollen that will damage any humans in a 1 tile radius of the wall when it goes up. Pollen will do 25 tox damage over the course of a couple minutes, REALLY hurt their vision for a minute or so, and make them cough occasionally when trying to talk.
35 second recharge, consumes 30 pollen

Create honeycomb wall
The honeycomb wall is different from the honeybristle wall in the fact that it doesn't create a pollen cloud when destroyed, and is immune to brute/burn damage initially. In order to destroy a you first need to use a welder on it and remove the hard shell of the wall. After that you can bash down the wall/burn it down. The unshelled wall has about 4 times the health of a wooden barricade, so it's still semi-strong but can be bashed down with a heavy object rather quickly.
10 second recharge, consumes 15 pollen

Create honeycomb floor
For when the bees want to make a space base! Honeycomb floors are just basic floors, with the small chance (VERY small) of tripping a human while they walk on it. Wearing any sort of space suit when walking on these floors somehow prevents that, though. Using this ability will turn the floor the bee is standing on into a honeycomb floor.
2 second recharge, consumes 3 pollen

Create honeycomb husk
Creates a very weak wall that works similar to a one way window, except bees can also pass over them. A prompt should appear asking which way the husk will face. If the husk is facing left then anyone to the left of the husk can't see through it. It's pretty easy to knock down, only taking about 8 hits from a heavy object to break, but is useful for a last stand/basic wall so the bees can see when someone is attacking the hive.
10 second recharge, consumes 10 pollen

Create pollen hub
The pollen hub is the most efficient way of bees to gather pollen. Pollen hubs operate by dragging a human body (dead works, but alive is better!)into the hub. After that the hub will start spreading pollen in a 1 tile radius to all bees within the radius. It will dish out a total of 100 pollen for a dead human in about 15 seconds, and 250 pollen for a living human in about 20 seconds. It should take time to drag a human into the hub similar to the gibber, and then require activation by a simple click from a bee. A pollen hub can be destroyed relatively quickly. Lasers/fire work best, but otherwise it would take about 20 hits from a fire extinguisher to destroy
45 second recharge, consumes 25 pollen

Create honeycomb jar
The main way for bees to win if they have a pollen goal. The carpenter can construct a simple jar which can hold 75 pollen inside. Breaking the jars is relatively easy, taking about 10 hits from a fire extinguisher worth of damage in order to break. Breaking a honeycomb jar will create a flash of light, blinding any humans within 1 tile for about 10 seconds, making them cough very frequently when trying to talk. It will also stun humans for a short time.
10 second recharge, consumes 10 pollen to create

Plant space flowers
Same thing as bumbler flower ability

Extended plant space flowers
Works kinda similar to the bumbler ability, with the difference of it requires the carpenter to have at least 150 pollen to plant. Plants the same flowers with same pollen generating ability.
20 second recharge, consumes 0 pollen

Pollen cloud
The carpenter is capable of distributing some of it's pollen to other bees, but not sending it directly like the honeybees. Pollen cloud spreads the pollen in a 1 tile radius around the carpenter. Gives 25 pollen to each bee in the radius. Pollen cloud will also impair the vision of any humans within range and cause them to cough every now and then when trying to speak
15 second recharge, consumes 50 pollen

Part 1.5 The Honeybees
The honeybees are the medics/ranged defense bees who have a direct line of communication to the queen bee. Only the queen/honeybees can hear this channel. They have the same amount of health as a bumbler and are fully capable of flying in space. Honeybees have a max pollen of 100.


PASSIVE weak legs
The honeybees have no melee attack whatsoever.

PASSIVE pollen shot
Instead of a melee attack when on harm intent, honeybees have a ranged attack that shoots pollen out, with the same fire rate as a taser. Pollen shot can point blank for a short stun. Pollen bolts do 3 toxin damage, 3 brute, and 3 burn damage on a hit. Shooting consumes 5 pollen per shot, so they can fire 20 shots on full pollen before needing to return to the hive.

Nectar's touch
The honeybee's basic healing ability. Will instantly heal 50 damage to any bee, and 100 damage to the queen bee. Has a targeting box for selecting who you want to heal.
10 second recharge, consumes 15 pollen

Healing hub
A constructible thing similar to the pollen hub, except this requires a bee to donate some of their pollen in able to get the hub to start passively healing any bees in a 1 tile radius. When activated will heal about 5 damage to all bees in the radius per second. Requires 25 pollen to run for 10 seconds. Any bee can donate pollen to turn on the hub
90 second recharge, consumes 100 pollen to plant

Pollen shield
The honeybee can give any type of bee, even larva, a basic shield which will absorb a certain amount of damage until it breaks. Should be able to absorb about 45 points of any kind of damage, if used on the queen it will absorb 75 damage. Both shields wear off, if they dont break first, after 30 seconds.
25 second recharge, consumes 50 pollen

Queen cloak
Honeybees can use their own pollen to give the queen a temporary cloak to all humans. Don't ask how, it just does! Cloak lasts 30 seconds and releases a small puff of pollen when deactivating, similar to the carpenter's pollen cloud. Except only partially impairs vision and will very rarely cause a human to cough when using.
90 second recharge, consumes 30 pollen

Part 1.6 Her Majesty the Queen
There is only one queen. When the queen dies, the bees lose all ability to spawn new numbers. The queen can't be replaced. The queen has the largest amount of health, has about the same speed as larva (monkey speed), and has a a slightly more powerful melee attack than the bumbler/carpenter, but weaker than the yellowjacks.
The queen can hold a max of 250 pollen and starts with 60 pollen.


PASSIVE spiked legs
Gives the queen a slightly stronger melee than bumblers/carpenters, has a 50% chance to stun the person being attacked when a successfull hit is landed. The stun is very short (like 1 second), but will force the human to drop any items they hold.

PASSIVE pollen covered fibres
Queens are 100% resistant to all stuns, damage done by tasers/stun batons is unaffected. Attempting to use a flash on a queen will instead stun yourself. Something about pollen being shiny I don't know.

PASSIVE Queen communication
The queen bee can communicate to all bees, and can also use the direct channel between the queen and the honeybees. Probably just :h and :s or whatever. All bees can hear the main channel, but no bees can respond over the queen's main channel.

PASSIVE overlapping bristles
Similar to the carpenter the queen has a larger storage capacity for pollen.

Venom shot
Basically acid spit for the queen. Knocks a person out, deals about 5 toxin damage 5 brute damage.
20 second recharge, consumes 20 pollen

Queen sting
The stinger of a queen is very deadly, the queen's sting will deal 50 brute damage instantly, and deal 150 toxin damage over the course of 5 minutes. Basically if you dont get medical attention very quickly you most certainly will die.
45 second recharge, consumes 40 pollen

Create egg
Creates anywhere from 1-3 eggs where the queen is standing, eggs will hatch into larva after about 20 seconds, in which time it will choose from dead players like how aliens were chosen.
20 second recharge, consumes 20 pollen

Queen wing gust
More powerful version of the wing gust. Knocks anyone in a 2 tile radius away, dealing 25 brute damage instantly, also stuns any nearby for about 10 seconds.
30 second recharge, consumes 25 pollen

How the bee round will end

The bees will only have a few different goals. If the shuttle leaves with at least 1 human on board and the bees have their objective completed, both teams win."The humans were able to escape, but the bees successfully converted the station into their new beehive!".
If all bees die, but the bees completed their objective it will be a minor win. "The humans killed all the bees, but not before they could convert part of the station into their hive!"
If the shuttle leaves with only bees on it and they complete their objective they win completely. "The bees were able to exterminate the humans AND convert centcom into their beehive!"
If all bees are killed and the bees weren't able to complete their objective they will lose completely. "The research staff was able to halt the bee invasion completely!"

Note: killing the queen is not enough to win. All bees must be killed in order for the bees to lose. If the queen is killed basically the bees will be unable to add new numbers.

The bee round will only end if ALL bees/larva are dead, or the shuttle leaves.

Bee objectives

Convert 50%/all of X department into a thriving beehive! Things like hydroponics, brig, security, genetics, chemistry, artifact, and bridge would require complete(really more about 90%) conversion. 50% conversions could include research, medbay, QM, and full on security (brig/security). I say 90% just because full conversion would be really annoying. Conversion basically involves turning the floor tiles into honeycomb tiles.

Kill 50% of X department staff. Similar to conversion, except it only requires crewmembers to be killed. Possibles would be medical staff (robotics, MDs, geneticists), research (scientists/RD), security (captain, HoS, HoP, security, detective,), or engineering (engineers, CE, electricians, QMs).

Collect X amount of pollen in pollen jars. This objective would require a large amount of pollen depending on the crew size/starting bee population. Anywhere from 1000-15,000 pollen. If there's like 50+ people it would be around 15k pollen, but anywhere like 15 people would only be 1-2k pollen.

And then basic Assasinate X objectives. The bee empire doesn't like these people and wants them dead! This objective will be given as the only objective, although there will maybe be 1-3, when there are low populations on the server. On high populations the bees may receive this objective with 1-5 targets.

For pollen and convert/kill 50%/all objectives the bees will get a verb to see how they're doing. IE how much pollen they've collected, how much of their objective is converted, and how many people are left to kill until they kill 50% of the department staff. They would not receive one for checking if their assassination target is dead, they'll have to find that out themselves.

SO YEAH. That's about it. One again, I was way bored and just started typing. I don't really care if the idea is shot down instantly it was a nice time killer.
I think it would be much scarier if you used wasps instead of bees.

Wasps are parasites, and they can feed on nector as adults, so a wasp could take a quick trip to botany to recharge maybe.

Space wasps could lay their eggs inside the corpses, basically like real parasitic wasps except instead of using bugs they use people and maybe monkeys instead.

Plus wasps are scary vicious looking critters.
atomic1fire Wrote:I think it would be much scarier if you used wasps instead of bees.

Wasps are parasites, and they can feed on nector as adults, so a wasp could take a quick trip to botany to recharge maybe.

Space wasps could lay their eggs inside the corpses, basically like real parasitic wasps except instead of using bugs they use people and maybe monkeys instead.

Plus wasps are scary vicious looking critters.
but space bees are better.

I like it, just needs rebalancing and i'm too sick atm to figure out how to balance it.
Admins won't go for it anyway cuz it's too fun frown
atomic1fire Wrote:I think it would be much scarier if you used wasps instead of bees.

Wasps are parasites, and they can feed on nector as adults, so a wasp could take a quick trip to botany to recharge maybe.

Space wasps could lay their eggs inside the corpses, basically like real parasitic wasps except instead of using bugs they use people and maybe monkeys instead.

Plus wasps are scary vicious looking critters.
[Image: anatomy-of-a-wasp.jpg]
Yes. i think it would be cool to have just one "FUN" mode actually in rotation
what on earth
Cogwerks Wrote:what on earth
[Image: gDfzS5P.png]
[Image: tumblr_m94ocoqtZo1rvn6njo1_400.gif]
This idea is unbeelievable.
Please add.
Sounds like a buzz.
I can't beelieve the stupidity of these bee puns here.
hive you gone mad, posting something so bombustic
at any rate "alien mode with _" is still alien mode which gets an automatic no from me
ISaidNo Wrote:hive you gone mad, posting something so bombustic
at any rate "alien mode with _" is still alien mode which gets an automatic no from me
I beelieve this is going to bee the response from everybody. We hive too many people trying to bring back that gamemode.
Sord spends all that time compiling all of those ideas he made up only to receive this response, bee puns.

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