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[FEATURE] Cluwne meat, Clown meat, some genetics phrases
This patch adds special cases for putting cluwnes and clowns into the gibber. Their raw meat has a 33% chance to infect the eater with Clowning Around or Cluwneing Around, same as food poisoning with regular raw meat. Clown meat can be cooked into burgers safely but cluwne burgers will always have a chance to infect the eater.

While I was there I also added some gain and loss phrases for genetics traits that don't have any.

I don't know how to do art at all so I didn't make any sprites. frown

Tested and clown/cluwne meat works properly.
dont forget about clown/cluwne steaks
(08-08-2017, 02:00 AM)babayetu83 Wrote: dont forget about clown/cluwne steaks

Tastes like HONK
Tastes like HUNK
In order to for me to implement this patch, this needs an entry in the To Serve Man book.

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