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PermaBan appeal by Rainbowparty, Bannu by darkchis
Who banned you?: darkchis
Byond Key: RainbowParty 
Date of Ban: Honestly i have no idea.
Specified Reason for Ban: Reason: "23M Boris Vladifslov (RainbowParty) SAY: Nigger " Spouted this and logged out shortly after. 
Ban Length: Perma
What led to the ban? And as for this, I do not remember anything about that current round, All i know of is i said a really offensive word which i shouldn't have then logged off probably due to rage or something else, I do not remember much from the incident.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I am honestly sorry for using such a hateful and offensive word to express my anger and if i was to be unbanned i'd just really make sure i wouldn't say it again, I love playin' on goon but sometimes i do go overly mad and start spouting words i don't truly mean, Im beggin' you to give me another chance with my pleads and sorrys.
Evasion Attempts: Honestly i might have made another account and tried to log onto Goon, I don't know, Though since i don't know and don't want to take the possible risk im just gonna say Maybe.
Well I told the admin, and it might be a couple of days before he comes back. So uh, have patience please.
Okay i am thankful for that, I can wait..probably..
You don't seem to have any evasion attempts from other accounts.

It's also been over a month since the ban, and it was just a permaban to get you to come here so we could talk about it, since you logged off after I was informed of you saying that.

(08-07-2017, 05:08 AM)RainbowParty Wrote: sometimes i do go overly mad and start spouting words i don't truly mean

If you wanna play here, you need to absolutely understand you can't do that here. You need to follow our rules, and remember them even when you get mad.

If you're cool with that and agree, we can get this lifted.
Yeah, I do understand, And though honestly i am sorry and in the future i will just withhold, and deal with it instead of blarting out like a fool.
Alright, I'll get this lifted, give me a second and you should be able to log in, post here if you have any issues regarding that, and please do keep that in mind and make sure you read our rules carefully again.

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