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Mentor Application: Bartorex
Usual Character Name: Horse Horsington
BYOND Username: Bartorex
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: Everyday at evenings (euro time)

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):
First time I played this space game was on these servers when singularities were roaming the donut station. It was addicting like hell, and with some big and small breaks, I always came back to these servers because of the superior code™. Throughout that time, I experienced and learned most of the things this game has (mostly by dying). From adventuring all the telesci zones (especially fun with a group of people), making solarium runs, even once collecting all the keys with someone for the door on centcom (took us like 6 hours, imagine how we felt after we opened it haha), not to mention, teleporting the z drone to the station.

I've been into mechanics and packets since the day when some mechanic started bolting random doors all over the station with packets and I was the AI. The crew was getting mad, I was so confused, even an admin came barking. After that I made and learned many shenanigans that involve packets and mechanics components like opening lockers or calling the shuttle. One particularly complex was a number guessing game through PDAs that used like 20 components and a DWAINE script. That's how the arithmetic component was born to simplify it (thanks Somepotato). You might also have seen the monster zoo, usually at escape, also done with packets/components.

Chemistry (except the chemicompiller), Bomb making (including canister bombs) and Genetics are also things I know well. Hellburns and engine stuff too, but they're not very exciting.
Pathology was the last system that I dwelved into, over a year ago. After learning the basics, I think I was teaching Medsal15 about it and we made our first proper virus that turned everyone into ice statues. It was hilarious how catastrophic that was.

There are other aspects of the game that I could go through, but to stick to the point: reason to become mentor? Most of the time I already share my experience by helping or explaining stuff that people ask me about ingame or in deadchat. So becoming a mentor would make it much easier. And there's always somebody saying I should apply, so there.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): 1 ban for disobeying Greyshift over making a singularity
I'm the one who said that you should apply, and I still think so. You have easily demonstrated the know-how a mentor should have before applying, and even though I haven't played too much again until recently, I recognize your name as a not extraordinarily shit person.

Yes from me.
You get my vote if you stop reaching the horse mask before me.
Neigh! (That's yes in horse language)
Haven't seen you play in a while, but then again I play fairly sporadically.

It's a yes from me. He knows his shit, behaves mostly well and is a good fit for mentor.
Part horse, part man, all mentor material
Never had any bad experiences, yes from me.
(By the way, that's the Y-Drone. The Z-drone is the debris field location with the shockbots)
Absolutely.  Definitely has the knowledge and mindset for being a mentor.
This guy's dependable.
do it
Absolutely. Is 1200% the most knowledgeable and reliable horse on station.
our man horse
Give him a purple horse mask.
Make Horse Purple!
Give this Horse the purple.

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