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Feels 4 Reals Game Giveaway
[Image: QRFHWa0.png]
my spaceman, leonard cerman
(yes i did steal a background)
Alright, drawing is being held on the 9th. Entries will stop being accepted before midnight on the 8th. Be prepared!
The drawing has been done!
[Image: a7e42305a75223b48e021880dff68f10.png]
Salami Sam gets to pick which game he wants first, then Taximin, and Hydrofloric gets the last game.
Be sure to add me on Steam so I can send you the games.
Thank you so much Schwicky!! sop babys

I picked Night in the Woods. It is Taximin's turn to choose.
dead last, woo!
Thanks Schwick, you're the best. I picked OneShot, sounds promising.
Because of (dumb) laws in Taximin's country about games, unfortunately I was unable to give him a copy of a game. HydroFloric picked Lisa: The Painful, which means that a copy of Oneshot is left over. To give the people that didn't win a fair chance, I'm gonna randomize the list one more time (without the winners) to see who can have the game. Also, if you don't want the copy of OneShot, you can hand it down to the next person on the list.

[Image: d493ac845d32f9a4cad1496f5eff52b1.png]

Noah Buttes is up first.
(09-09-2017, 07:32 PM)Noah Buttes Wrote: dead last, woo!
Jesus, gets dead last and right afterwards gets the top of the list.
hand it down to the next guy
hey PH77ER, you want the copy of OneShot?

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