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revert mining changes
Somewhat recently mining got nerfed for whatever reason, making it much less fun to play miner. Radioactivity hurts miners way too much, and removing the ability to have a mining pod makes it much more tedious. It worked just fine before the recent changes, so all of the nerfing done is unnecessary.

It doesn't help that getting minerals from mining was already a rare sight. Now all of the materials only available from mining are pretty much never to be seen in any round.

edit: this thread was slightly a kneejerk reaction and new mining isnt THAT bad but it still could use some changes. fix radiation pls
Mining still has pods, been doing mining in my spare time as CE. Only play on 1 though, so maybe it's different there. I'm pretty sure radioactivity is blocked by the industrial armor, but I couldn't produce it even with supposedly the right materials (koshmarite, bohrum, clarentine) so who knows. I exposed myself to a stack of erebite when transporting it for a second (moving it from a pod to a crate) and it was enough to kill me, so there's that.
i havent messed around enough to see radiation changes, but the apparently complete removal of mining pod tools is a huge unnecessary kick in the nads, especially with the recent material cost changes of everything. you're more likely to get industrial armour by just unlocking those locked crates than you are to get them out of mining properly.
Having pod mining tools available at round start makes every other mining tool and miner obsolete. You can still make pod plasma cutters at ship component manufacturers, it requires one block of any power source. Industrial suits require uqill and claretine, you can make three suits with one block of uqill, and claretine isn't hard to come by. Use explosives if you dont want to mine by hand.

It would be nice to get some anti-radiation or anti-toxin meds in mining like cog2 has. There are medkits for healing the burn damage though.
Just make the drills cost too much to be made by non-miners and people who are not incredibly lucky at unlocking crates.
I was playing mining the other day and got an amazing surprise that being unlucky enough to not get the materials to survive radiation could cause unnecessary trips to medbay.

The things being in the fabricators didn't stop the radiation.

Maybe have 1 starter industrial suit so this wouldn't be a problem for at least someone?
Scan the asteroid, if it contains any radioactive materials disable the cooldown and pull in another. The damage to the magnet is so minor you'll almost never have to repair it.

If you don't want to wait two minutes to get an asteroid that isn't full of space asbestos, you could always grab the radiation suit from the faint signal or ask cargo for one.

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