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Put a winter jacket outside the freezer for the chef.
The burn damage and slow for merely entering the freezer is annoying as heck. This would alleviate it especially if you're making frequent trips, and be a relatively minor QOL change.
Counter suggestion which sounds lazier

Give chef's coat cold resistance.

It already has heat resistance according to the goon 2016 code and it would make sense that the chef who regularly works around hot ovens and cold freezers would have better thermal resistance then the rest of the crew.

Cold_resistance = 10 (or perhaps 5)

About the same as the hoodie, and if it needs tweaking a coder could test it ingame probably by editing the values directly.

Of course this also gives sous chef cold resistance as well, so if you don't want too many people feeling comfortable maybe someone could create a sous chef uniform that has less heat and cold resistance.
make the freezer hot
(07-16-2017, 02:52 PM)John Warcrimes Wrote: make the freezer hot

Meat smoker room
A winter jacket for the freezer? You might as well make the monkey dispenser spit out dead monkeys!
I used the chefs freezer to test the winter coat's cold resistance when I was making them. (I didn't test very well because they were spaceproof for a good long while.)
(07-16-2017, 02:27 PM)atomic1fire Wrote: Give chef's coat cold resistance.

It definitely used to have some amount of cold resistance. maybe this was lost over some batch suit adjustments?
dumb question but what good is the freezer being cold actually?
other than immersion
Why not make the chef's uniform cold resistant enough to go into the freezer?

Technically speaking, he's the only person who should be going in there in the first place, so it would make sense.
As far as I am aware, unless you have 100% cold resistance, you will still eventually hit freezing levels of cold slowdown; cold resistance just makes it take longer. I still think they should unnerf winter coats but make it so 100% cold resist no longer always equals spaceproof.
That's kinda the way space works though, you don't start taking heavy damage until you're both cold and standing over a space tile. For instance, you can drink spaced rum to stay at room temperature while spacewalking and not take severe damage.
does heat play into body decomposition? If i keep a body in space or in a freezer will it rot/not rot at a different rate?
(07-21-2017, 07:18 AM)Sam Eagle Wrote: does heat play into body decomposition? If i keep a body in space or in a freezer will it rot/not rot at a different rate?

I think so. Corpses in space tend to stay fresh for a long time, and the code seems to indicate that temperature can prevent decomposition from advancing.

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