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[FEATURE] Two traits and a mutation
I was bored waiting for my Mac to update so I went through the Traits thread and added a couple.

Trait: Pawn Star: Start with a bonus of 25% of your starting wage instead of a trinket.
Trait: Scared Shitless: When you scream, you fart.
Mutation: Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-BT: Words you say are replaced by "butt" at random.

Tested on a local server, all three are functional.
yes yes and yes
pretty good except pawn star needs to be re-arranged
What do you need with Pawn Star?

e: oh, I left the wrong title there.
Since one of those traits was mine I support this idea A beaming sun
Since the mutation was mine I support this patch.
I support this because the trinket trait is a -1
trinkets are people too
Fixed and added a couple trait interactions

- Smokers start with a Zippo lighter trinket
- Apiarists start with Apidae Metabolism (puke up honey)
- NT Loyalists can't start the round as Revolutionaries
- Pawn Star is now named Pawn Star
Scared shitless should probably check to see if you lost / don't have a butt like the fart emote does

if ((src.traitHolder && src.traitHolder.hasTrait("scaredshitless")) && ((src.organHolder && !src.organHolder.butt)))
emote(“fart”) is doing all that for me when I call it, no?
(07-17-2017, 03:02 PM)LuigiThirty Wrote: emote(“fart”) is doing all that for me when I call it, no?

Oh I suppose it does, disregard me
I don't see how part of this would even compile, but got it working and made icons for the two new traits.

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