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Gannets' Map Zone
We've got a mapping subforum now, whoah! Here's a post:

So, i was working on a tiny spaceship map some time ago. I've not touched it in months, so I'm just gonna drop it here.

[Image: cckjts]

Map file
(It's a .dmm file, you'll probably have to rename it that if you're downloading it from here.)

I've actually started playing with this again since posting it and I've run in to the reasons that I stopped in the first place, so I figure I'd ask for some criticism/help:

Dear people with Security/Brig opinions, how would you fit a good brig in to a 16 x 9 space?

[Image: rtcdb]
You could fit another cell in if you shifted the bed down one and made each cell 2x2.

[Image: R5kTk9u.png]

Here's a suggestion. Basic differences between yours (on the right) and mine (on the left)
- Brig reduced from 2x3 to 3x3. Timed lockers are instead timed safes, and are wall mounted. Also added toilet.
- Brig has a table between the two cells. This can be open and closed via button. To play cards/dodgeball with a brick?
- Locker room reduced from 4x4 to 3x4, reduced clothing and armor locker by 1. HIGHLY unlikely there would be a full force at this pop, if so QM exists. Added a sec vending machine in there too.
- Added a method of escape, which is via disposal in the little foyer. Would require a lot of window smashing.
- Added cig vending machine + another vending machine (could be medical, or just coffee)
- Little foyer has a table facing directly outside.
- Reduced the table from 3x2 to 2x2. Too big for the room.
- Control table directly opposite brig for wanted poster, brig control, cameras, etc.
This is a good post thank ye much. I will map that in and have a look!

If anyone else has suggestions too, I will also look at those, I am perfectly happy to move basically everything around in there, door and all.
Map update:

[Image: aypln]

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