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teach me how to map please
thank you
I dunno if I can do that, but i do have some helpful tips.

First: Open up a finished map, so you can see how they're put together.

Second: Turn off the area layer, so you can actually get at the objects and turfs.

[Image: dlnmd]

Third: Change your click behavior, because you almost always want to be adding a thing!

[Image: udjxs]   [Image: alvmv]

Now you can muss around with an already established map and get a feel for how the editor works, with lots of existing material to reference.
From Gannets' second picture there, you can also select "nudge as pixels" which will supposedly make it so the Nudge commands will use pixel_x/pixel_y instead of step_x/step_y (using the latter breaks movement a bit and is bad) but I've found that a bit hit-or-miss at times.
Thank you
Was going to open another thread, but I feel this general thread would be good as a Q&A type thing.

I'm just testing a very simple 10x10 simulated room. I'm essentially doing the scrub testing: Checking if the room is powered, if the supernorn walls auto change, if the doors are working with proper ID, if the spawn is working, etc.

How do you get a map to compile and run? Let's forget all the rookie mistakes i'm making with my current testroom, let's say I just booted up cogmap2.dmm from dream-maker and I hit run. It seems to autocompile but it's also in "safe mode" which I have to hit yes to allow it to read scripts. Once it does that however, a new window pops up which is the game window (It will say the RND "Moon colony 51" or w/e) , and then immediately disconnect.

I have a feeling it's down to the fact that I am not running it as an admin. Something something change a .txt file, I remember reading it on reddit, but my mind fails me. I am currently using the most recent fork which was done by Haine a month ago as a fix for byond 511.
I've never had much luck running from DM. Compile in there with ctrl+k then host yr compiled build with Dream Daemon to avoid script rubbish!
Run with Dream Daemon, and make sure it's set to trusted mode not safe mode.

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