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[FEATURE] Chemmunity patch one!
(06-27-2017, 07:36 AM)Cirrial Wrote: I did pledge that I'd implement one of the patches that came out of Chemmunity.

Having said that, the foam powder terrifies me greatly. I might go back on my promise and skip over that one.

Buttium and Expungium seem alright to me, though, although I don't see any code for ways to make it. Intending it to be admin-only or do you expect them to have a secret recipe, Noah?

To quote point six of my opening chemmunity post:

"Do not include a recipe in your suggestion. I am intentionally going to leave out recipes so that the coders can adjust them as they see fit."

Considering what these two recipes do, I think it's reasonable to make them secret, especially expungium.

Despite admin reluctance, I went ahead and fixed the interaction with nitro and fermids for the foampowder
To be fair you can already do what this foam powder does somewhat by using ice as a trigger. Still there are probably some insane things you could do with it.

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