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BurntCornMuffin, LLJK2, Approx 7:50 PM, Central Time.
Admin: BurntCornMuffin (Only one seen online when it happened and throughout.)
Sever: LLJK2
Date: 6/16/2016, About 7:50 central time.

Synopsis: During a traitor round of mine in full swing ( after having my deluxe mind slave suicide on me a couple of minutes after mindslaving him and setting up a small army of emagged borgs serving my whims and wreaking havoc across the station, with the crew proper banding together and arming up to come hunt me down and fight back and everything), BCM had turned someone into a macho man at essentially the height of the round, who of course proceeded to target me and my borgs specifically and completely annihilate essentially everything we had be doing for the past half hour if not longer, completely unstoppable as the stimmed up nigh-invulernable guy just rammed through everything and insta-killed borgs and insta-critted me with not the slightest hope of being able to fight back in any way. The united lynch mob continued looking for me until the end unaware I had been completely obliterated.

Extra information: After the round ended and I saw that, for sure, the only way that macho man could have come in was admin shenanigans I asked essentially "what the hell", the only explanation I got was:
[Image: YgD5XQf.png]

Followed up with a VOX alert about high sodium when I was understandably unsatisfied with the response. There were others also wondering what the heck was going on with the macho man just coming in and stomping everything when there was already such a heated round going.

I feel this is kinda falling back to the complaints of gimmicks of old where the gimmick ends up being "everyone except one lucky guy just kills everyone, everything else be damned." but worse seeing as there was already an established conflict engaging all the players on station. As of typing this as far as I'm aware I wasn't given a token or anything besides being taunted for being salty and I'm sure the emagged borgs from that round feel at least partially as jipped by being completely blown away by a force they could never hope to match after all the buildup.

Addendum: After reading the admin-complaint directly below this one also about BCM, it has come to my attention that the person who was the macho man was also SRQ and I can only assume that turning him into macho man was that "nice thing". Honestly I don't know if that makes me more or less annoyed because the apology/compensation for that incident was causing almost same incident for me and others.
You should've gotten a token. Sorry about that! BCM should give one to you.
Since this did kind of ruin your traitor round, next time you're on, adminhelp with a link to this post for an antag token.

And next time you should have a round affected adversely by an admin action (especially a traitor round), please adminhelp during the round (preferably sooner than the very end). I would have been more than happy to toss you a token had you brought the situation to my attention via adminhelp during the round.
I hope matchup men can just be removed soon. They're awful and based off a terrible terrible
Person irl
This is... RESOLVED!!! Here's to us!

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