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Dabir banned by Wire
My URC Username: Dabir

Date and time of the ban: about 19:30 GMT today

Who banned me: Wire|Work

Message given in the kick: "shitty trolling or the dumbest response to "please dont spoil things maybe" i've ever heard"

Summary of events leading up to the ban: I was asked, in fact urged multiple times after trying to get away just giving vague answers like "it's bad don't watch it", what happens in Samurai Jack season 4, so I summarised the main events that I found objectionable about it. Some people decided to jump on that and start a slapfight, during which I was insulted multiple times, my opinions freely and wilfully misrepresented, and there was generally an atmosphere of dismissiveness and hostility. When challenged on the concept of spoilers in general I backed my opinion up with research, which was matched with an article from a newspaper that the person hadn't read and freely admits that the writer hadn't seen any actual study about whether spoilers matter. At the end of it Wire banned then kicked me for being disagreed with I guess.

Why I should be unbanned: Banning over a difference of opinion, which is what it was, is childish. Dogpiling me with insults was also childish but I expect better from staff. Also, we had a huge discussion about this same season back in May when I'd first finished watching it in which we went into it in way more detail, especially the ending, and nobody was punished back then, so clearly the precedent was that there was nothing wrong with it. Especially since this time I was actively asked. And, come on. It was a long way from "please don't spoil things maybe".

Logs below. Spoiler warning for samurai jack season 4 I guess.
<Hufflaw> what happened in the show though Dabir
<Wire|Work> 1 XBT =2,487.56USD
<Wire|Work> there
<Dabir> so it's not a paradox, cause the new world also gets him home [this was about my ideas, not the actual show]
<Sebastian2203> Hufflaw .... but both of them joked about us doing a triple...
<Wire|Work> it crashed a bunch
<Dabir> awful horseshit hufflwa
<Dabir> hufflaw
<Bartorex> .convert poo money
<Hufflaw> nice one Sebastian2203, i wish you luck
<Spacebee> um. poo to money?!
<Dabir> a bad season of total tripe
<Hufflaw> so what happened
<Dabir> watch it
<Dabir> or don't
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<Dabir> look up episode summaries
<Dabir> it's garbage
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* X gives voice to fosstar
<Sebastian2203> I come here for advice 2 often
<Hufflaw> seems like you don't need advice tiger
<Dabir> 50 year time skip, jack's lost his sword because he's angry and edgy now and it abandoned him,  now he tools around with a million weapons and stupid armour on a rocket bike
<Sebastian2203> tiger?
<Hufflaw> but that's good shit Dabir 
<Dabir> there's a cult of teenage girls whose dad is aku somehow and they try to assassinate him but he kills them all except one and the last one falls in love with him and turns out to have aku powers and she takes him back to the past and he kills aku and then she faded away because ~she never happened~
<Hufflaw> yeah Sebastian2203, it's a name you give to people who have it all figured out, tiger
<HeadSurgeon> sebastian2203, like fargo!
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<Dabir> also he never ages any more because time travel
<Hufflaw> yeah!
<Hufflaw> also he's fucking insane!
<Dabir> there's a despair horseman who follows him around telling him to kill himself
<Hufflaw> there's also himself who tells him he should kill himself it's totally cool
<Dabir> it seems like it's supposed to be a metaphor but then the girl has to fight it
<Hufflaw> the fight may also be a metaphor Dabir 
<Dabir> yeah jack seeing all those visions was silly
<Hufflaw> it was cool
<Dabir> no but it was a literal fight
<Hufflaw> yes I know, a literal fight can also be a metaphor
<Hufflaw> it is both a literal fight and a metaphor
<Dabir> no but the horseman was a real thing
<Hufflaw> yes I know
<Dabir> it wasn't just his inner demons or whatever
<Hufflaw> I know
<Dabir> it was a devil horseman from hell telling him to kill he self
<Hufflaw> yes, and it can still function as a metaphor
<Wire|Work> ty for spoiling the entire show btw
<Dabir> but it's STUPID
<Dabir> np don't watch it
<Dabir> it's awful
<Hufflaw> well i asked him to Wire|Work 
<Wire|Work> PMs exist
* You have been kicked from #goonstation by Wire|Work (fuck you)
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Fri Jun 16 19:05:07 2017

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Fri Jun 16 19:05:35 2017
* Now talking on #goonstation
<Dabir> really though it is genuinely terrible shit and also it's been out for what months
<Wire|Work> who gives a flying monkey fuck what you think of the show
<Wire|Work> with regards to spoilers
<Dabir> me
<Wire|Work> my point is that not everyone has the same opinions as you
<Dabir> not my fault some people are idiots
* You have been kicked from #goonstation by Wire|Work (perhaps the idiot is you)
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Fri Jun 16 19:08:36 2017

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Fri Jun 16 19:08:47 2017
* Now talking on #goonstation
<Dabir> doubt it
<YoukCat> I'm glad I'm never watching whatever they're talking about, because spoilers are shit
<YoukCat> Dabir don't spoil shit
<Sebastian2203> ^
<YoukCat> Haven't people been banned from the game for announcing star wars spoilers before?
<Dabir> the bad guy uses a red lightsaber
<YoukCat> I think there's a difference between common knowledge and spoilers
<YoukCat> Now for example, if you were to say that Luke [spoiler censor] and that [spoiler censor], that would be spoilers
<Dabir> also literally months it's been out
<Wire|Work> "stuff in the trailers" and "a literal synopsis of the show"
<Wire|Work> are different things
<YoukCat> So, who cares Dabir
<Dabir> hey there's plenty of awful shite I didn't spoil
<Wire|Work> who knew
<Bartorex> i'm [spoiler censor]
<YoukCat> There's only ONE thing you can ever spoil
<Dabir> I didn't mention anything that happens in episode 8
<YoukCat> and it's Titanic
<YoukCat> Because that was a real event
<Dabir> [nothing of note happens in episode 8 but it takes 22 minutes to do it]
<YoukCat> Dabir, what about this:
<YoukCat> You're reading a book that's been out for a year
<YoukCat> You enjoy it, you're on chapter 2,
<Dabir> also we had a big chat about it in here when I'd just finished watching it
<Dabir> months ago
<Dabir> which was also months after it finished airing
<Wire|Work> goonstation: wherein we try to explain to dabir what a spoiler is
<YoukCat> and the guy next to you says: OH HEY, I loved that book! Are you at the part where [insert ending] happens?
<YoukCat> Dabir, look at that example I gave you and realize that it doesn't matter how long it's been out
<geg> nice meltdown
<Dabir> wouldn't mind
<Dabir> lol jejsus
<YoukCat> omg I fucking give up please kick
<YoukCat> kick me I can't handle this
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<YoukCat> Welcome to the spoiler zone, where we try to tell Dabir how spoilers are bad and he says that they're fine and it doesn't matter if you spoil stuff
<Wire|Work> "but but the months!" - dabir/hitler
<Dabir> like there's research done on this and it literally doesn't
<Dabir> most cases it enhances people's enjoyment of a thing to know what's coming
<YoukCat> Dabir, just no
<Sebastian2203> No
<Wire|Work> is this some low effort trolling or what
<YoukCat> Either trolling or Dabir is trying really hard to make spoilers good
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<Butthomlod> a good book you can still enjoy even with spoilers but uh
<Sebastian2203> I am going to spoil him
<Sebastian2203> Dabir
<Sebastian2203> u will die
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<Dabir> spoilers? good
<Sebastian2203> Dabir it varies imo
<Dabir> furthermore
<Dabir> if the thing you're consuming is actually good, you'll keep going just for the enjoyment of it
<Sebastian2203> I had stuff spoiled and couldnt enjoy it
<Butthomlod> maybe people want to discover for themselves?
<Dabir> if knowing how it ends was all it had, it was awful
<Butthomlod> idk man
<Dabir> like samurai jack season 4
<Butthomlod> im bein radical af
<Dabir> which was awful
<HeadSurgeon> an awful lot like a badde asse gb)
<Dabir> people don't know what they want
<Dabir> there's research on that too
<Sebastian2203> Well i did enjoy it, but it only had 50% effect on me
<TenjouUtena> Butthomlod, I do feel like if you're going to get swearing-mad about spoilers it is incumbant upon you to try and consume whatever media you are looking forward too in close proximity to it's availability tho.
<Dabir> people don't know what they want
<YoukCat> oh dear
<Dabir> yeah like seriously if yall care that much why didn't you see it already
<Wire|Work> it hasn't been THAT long
<Sebastian2203> The creators of books/movies put effort into all the pre-climax stuff.
<Dabir> shame about the creators of samurai jack season 4 who didn't really bother
<Sebastian2203> If spoiling would be good then all movies would be 4 mins long
<Dabir> now that's low-effort trolling
<Sebastian2203> Because fuck character developement and element of suprise
<Dabir> you're literally arguing the opposite of your conclusion but you do you I guess
<YoukCat> Dabir, you are being an ass.
<Wire|Work> so your argument is that you know best what people want
<Dabir> people don't know what they want
<Dabir> yes, because I've seen the research that says spoilers are good and the other research that says people can't articulate what they want
<YoukCat> Human beings are more complex than: OH, THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU ANYWAY
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<YoukCat> As a human being, you should know that Dabir
* ferriswheel1 has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
<Sebastian2203> I dislike that first article
<YoukCat> Also, how much research on spoilers did you actually read.
<YoukCat> One article?
<Wire|Work> that's the stupidest argument i've ever heard
<Dabir> yes
<Dabir> is it as stupid as "if spoilers were good then all movies would be four minutes long"
<Dabir> it's about the journey, not the ending
<YoukCat> Dabir,
<Wire|Work> they're close
<YoukCat> I literally had to search 30 seconds
<YoukCat> to find an article against yours
<Butthomlod> lol
<YoukCat> Don't know if it's good
<Sebastian2203> I did not finish reading it but i feel the "insta gratification" vibe from that mindset
<YoukCat> but I can spend another 30 seconds if you want
<thebobster> please don't spoil things you jerks
<Sebastian2203> And even if, so what
<YoukCat> Dabir, here's a thought: Humans are more complex than IT IS GOOD FOR YOU, RUINING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. So please, don't be an ass and spoil things for other people. There's a reason everyone hates it.
<Dabir> yeah groupthink
<thebobster> spoiling things is bad, but then also don't be a smug ass about it and pretend its for our good
<Sebastian2203> call me a sore loser because its MY decision to consume the story in THAT way.....
<thebobster> in general just let people enjoy what media they want to???
<TenjouUtena> eh spoiling is way blown out of proportion but don't do it to be an ass or be an ass about it.
<YoukCat> Dabir is doing it purposefully to be an ass
<Dabir> that is a hurtful accusation
<thebobster> dabir more like
<TenjouUtena> I don't htink he was
<thebobster> datass
<thebobster> (in a bad way)
<YoukCat> He is, Tenjou. The way he is arguing is not in a "for your benefit" way. It's in the "I'm right, you're wrong, suck it up because fuck you" way.
<Sebastian2203> imho we can refrain from name calling
<Dabir> I would never spoil the worst uh two and a half hours of my life I'd ever spent "to be an ass"
<Dabir> I did it because hufflaw told me to
<Dabir> and then it seemed like he'd seen it anyway so uh
<TenjouUtena> YoukCat, I meant the original spoiler, not this clusterfuck of an argument afterwards.
* Wire|Work sets ban on *!*
<Dabir> that is uncalled for
* #goonstation :You are banned (#goonstation)
<Sebastian2203> I can confirm for myself, spoilers reduce effect of a movie for me
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* You have been kicked from #goonstation by Wire|Work (shitty trolling or the dumbest response to "please dont spoil things maybe" i've ever heard)
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Fri Jun 16 19:27:32 2017
You were banned for being entirely unapologetic about spoiling a show after I made it clear that I (and others) were unhappy that you did so. You dismissed this and linked to frankly bullshit "research" to back yourself up instead of just admitting that hey maybe spoiling stuff is bad. You were not banned simply for a difference of opinion.

I wasn't there for the discussion back in May so that doesn't really mean much and some random discussion about a show weeks back certainly doesn't set precedence for anything.

I will apologise for insulting you, but I otherwise stand by this ban and add that you still don't seem to recognise the reason for it. I will also add that this is only a 24 hour ban which I admittedly forgot to mention in the kick reason.
Hi sorry for this may be peanut posting but I've been told by an admin in IRC I think it was haine that we should at least wait six months before discussing spoilers. I was told to do that back when MGSV came out and I was angry over the lack of plot. Maybe that should be a new rule or something I don't but I think it was worth the risk of punishment to bring that up in here.

(06-16-2017, 01:47 PM)Ed Venture Wrote: I don't know* but I think it was worth the risk of punishment to bring that up in here.

Sorry for the typo.
Not everyone has the same opinion on media. Just because you didn't like it doesn't mean others won't.
Whether spoilers matter is a matter of opinion and it's absolutely worthless to cite a study claiming they don't. Spoiling recent (six months seems to be the widely agreed-upon compromise) media is hugely impolite and most groups of people will yell at you for it!!!

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