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BurntCornMuffin or Jasmine87
Date and time: 6/12/17 at 10:41 mountain time.

So, I spawn as mayor and am immediately farted on to death (Admittedly kinda funny, but the lack of respawning, speed at which I was killed from entering the server, and lack of any way to fight back makes it 100% poop) by a floating... something, some sort of admin gimmick that also has that gun used to turn objects into random other things.

Deadchat also mentions that this thing had killed people immediately after they had been cloned.

So that's incredibly shit, and I'm salty enough at the moment to report this here. Admin gimmicks are what makes this server special, just straight up farting people to death with an invisible killing machine is absolute bullshit and the sort of thing that will turn new players off the game for good.

Uh since there's no edit, I'll add a proper formatted post here.
Admin name: BurntCornMuffin or Jasmine87
Server: LLJK US 2
Date/Time: 6/12/17 at 10:41 mountain time.
Synopsis: Admin spawned thing murdering crew immediately after spawning/cloning without any funny input, way to fight back, or option to respawn
Wasn't me boss
I kiiinda suspected so because you've been cool.
I probably should have at least ahelped first, but this was still shitty enough to report.
I died to it in Medbay, was helpfully cloned by a geneticist, and then got attacked and died to it as soon as I stepped out of the clone pod. You couldn't outrun it and it took me from 100 to crit in about 10 seconds. How fun. roll eyes (sarcastic)
I'm sorry that your round got ruined though. I only spawned a few buttbombs in genetics/botany (The harmless kind), gibbed myself and went afk for a bit.
That was me, futzing with the critter creator hoping for a fun pre ass day thing but ended up with something way more op than I expected. PM me next time you're on, I'll do something nice to make up for it.
Yeah, I had joined and immediately died to it as well. Thanks for the explanation smile

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