Mentor Application; waffels5000
Usual character name: Kenneth Cromwell
Byond Key: waffels5000
Reccomended By: no one (lonely me)
Times available; week days: 7-9 PM weekend; whenever.

Reason for application: I've been playing goon for nearly 3 years and gained monstrous ammounts of information on everything to setting up the engine to robbing a wizard.
I eventually bought 400$ laptop and a wireless hot spot so I could play SS13 on the go. I absolutely listen TG13
I tend to play scientist or station engineer do to the fact that they are my favorite jobs. I can help people with game mechanics best syndicate item for their objectives (surplus. Crate) or building a pod or fighting macho man Randy savage. I know I've been shit but lately I've been being cool. I remember. Once I was in the void when a Guy yelled "CAPTAIN EATIN MAH IN VOID CHWNGULING!" I found the two. Disarmed captain of his teaser shot him with it and beat his head in while a spirit. Was hurling. It self at me I then was head spiderd I killed changelin Captain helped up the Guy he was eating then gibbed my self.

Previous Bans; once for burning someone with plasma bomb and once for metagaming.
My opinion of shrek; it was my favorite childhood movie and I liked the third movie best.
300 word count minimum, man. Try again.

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