Mentor Application : TheRedScare
Usual Character Name: Smokey Dogg
BYOND Username: TheRedScare
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: Depending on certain conditions it can range from 8:00AM-10:00PM to 5PM-10PM on most days, sometimes it can be 12AM- 4AM

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I began playing space station back in early 2011, it was on and off and I was not exactly the best at anything. I played on gibbed because it had the most players so I assumed it was good. Granted apart from a few rotten eggs in the player-base I found it great fun. I got banned however for a stupid misunderstanding, I was still newish and someone flashed me, I remembered reading about getting flashed meant you became a rev, I misunderstood this and blew myself up next to the captain in medbay. I moved to FP and /tg/ after this because I felt like an ass for that mistake. I learned a lot of the games mechanics during my time on FP and /tg/, I eventually became an admin on FP for 6 months. I left after the owner and I fell out over an argument relating to something that I cannot discuss as it was to do with staff. Anyway I then stuck to /tg/, Eventually I learned pretty much everything to do with the game, I became able to do anything. I moved back to Goon after my IRL friend, Conor12, spoke of all the new things that Goon had and that the player-base was great. It took me an hour to get used to the new map, I know the whole map now and many of the other Z-levels. I began focusing improving my skills as a botanist, a chef, an electrician and a miner. I can do any other job aside from engineer due to the new engine, I am watching how it gets set up however so that should not be an issue soon. I can make a lot of shit as a botanist and I now know how to make omega weed. I can make most things as a chef. As an electrician I am able to utilise the ThinkDOS and other operating systems to create new public terminals and I often try to make the station more efficient, I can do this by creating spare cloning pods in secure locations, adding more teleporters to certain departments to allow for faster transportation and creating new ways of handling tasks, for example I set up electronics to be able to clone people and send them back to their department, which is easy but still very handy for the recently cloned player. I am used to getting antagonist roles as for some reason I get very lucky when it comes to choosing them. I often get choose for a wizard or nuke op, as a wizard I complete my tasks 9/10 and I often just let the crew do what they want by not mass murdering them, although I kill anyone who mentions that they hate weed or anyone that acts rude. As a nuke op I often help the other operatives if they are new instead of fucking off and leaving them to die. The reason I would like to get the position of mentor is so that I can teach anyone in need of help regardless of the circumstances. As sometimes when I am on 4 I see players trying to get help from other players and getting ignored and there are sometimes no mentors online to help them out.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum): I believe that Shrek is actually a personification of the human soul. He teaches us that although we can seem ugly at first deep down we are all kind.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): Yes I was banned for that misunderstanding about how getting flashed does not mean you are a rev, I have came a long way from that. I also am job-banned from the AI and cyborgs, I am not entirely sure why as I do not recall any incidents.
I guess I should start this off.

Despite your vast experience on Space Station 13 in general, you've only being playing here for less than a month or so since the long break you took after your ban. Mentors need a bit more experience than that, you lack knowledge about a lot of things that only appear on goonstation. And you got a lot of that knowledge from me anyway! Also, I noticed you being out of character and trying to be especially nice to mentors and admins, so I knew you would apply, you darn kiss-ass.

Your application was too premature. Try again in a few months!

As a player, you're competent and great fun to play with, but I don't think I've ever seen you until a week or two ago. Which makes sense now, and you're obviously pretty experienced and capable with the game generally, but yeah, I'd say this should wait a while until you settle back into the ways of Gibbed.
I have the same complaints as those two. Also, the only job I've seen you do recently is botanist, and I think quite a bit of stuff you may know has been changed.
Fair enough, thanks for responding, although I fail to see how I am being nice to admins and mentors when all I have done is fart on Nitrous and kill you when possible haha. I show respect to most people with the exception of those who don't return it.

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