Mentor Application: Lesturd/Baily Burkett
Usual Character Name: Baily Burkett
Byond Username: Lesturd

Reason: The reason I would like to become a mentor is because I love the Gibbed/Goon community. After switching from server to server, I've found that the Goon servers are the best servers to play on. I also love helping and assisting regular/new players. I know a significant part of the game, (some things I could work on), but other than that I think I would make a good mentor. Players are what make up the fun of the Gibbed servers, (and the admins), and if they don't know something, I would like to help them out. The game experience I want the players (as myself) to have are a great, fun time. It seems I always do with to help of the players who also have a great, fun time. Which sometimes might not happen. Note: I usually play on Gibbed 4.

My Opinion of Shrek: I thought the movies were great, I've watched all of them.

Previous Bans: I cannot remember when/if I've been banned, but I assume I've been banned atleast once.

Thanks for reading this and happy gaming,

I've no idea who you are; neither key or name rings a bell. Along with that, you've missed that 300 wordcount by a damn long way!

Play more on #3, get yourself noticed in a good way, and come back with a bigger application.

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