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Banned by: hainesa
Who banned you?: hainesa
Byond Key: Xx_ThomasTheTank_xX  Note: (This is the ckey that got banned. /My/ ckey is iloveapplepieman.)
Date of Ban: I have no idea. Maybe at least a month ago?
Specified Reason for Ban: Asked to not be AI in ahelp, apparently decided 3 minutes was far too long to wait, so said "7M Adaptive Manipulator (AI) (XX_ThomasTheTank_Xx) SAY: ;you are all niggers and spics and jews that need to die" and never responded to my messages. Please come to the forums and explain if you'd like to play again.
Ban Length: Permaban.
What led to the ban? Unfortunately, I was not present for this, and the information I have attempted to grab from the banned user in question just gave me: "I dunno." >:c
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: So, where to begin? Ah, I know. We'll start with who was banned I guess. Me and my brother are(the latter not taking it as serious as I do) play servers on SS13 quite a bit. In fact, I was about to play on Goonstation for the second or third time in my time on SS13 when suddenly: I've been banned! D: Now, I won't ignore that this is already sound suspicious to you, but allow me to explain: Me and my brother played a lot of servers, me frequenting Baystation quite a bit. Then there's my brother, Xx_ThomasTheTank_Xx who thought it would be more fun to spend his time trolling and griefing on servers. I wasn't even aware of this until this ban. This ban appeal I have made is because someone else with the same IP who got banned for doing something really dumb, and while I cannot speak for him directly, I apologize for his shitler behavior as I am also disgusted by this, and have actually told my parents about this incident (though not really relevant, I just thought I'd add it in). He is in no way keen on appealing, and since earlier I had taken a liking to Goonstation, I am now unable to play it. I ask that the IP and Mac address ban gets removed (we use the same desktop computer :v), but not the ckey, so that I may continue to play Goonstation. I have already read the rules and I am well aware of how actions have consequences, this ban being one of them and in-future hope that something like this does not happen again should this ban be lifted.

In conclusion, I hope that you take these factors into consideration and I ask for leniency (though I realize I am not entitled to this) when coming up with a verdict on this appeal. Again, I apologize for the horrible behavior that was displayed and I look forward to receiving a reply soon. o/

Evasion Attempts: N/A

Extra Notes: This was a re-do of the complaint appeal I made earlier. Feel free to remove the other one here:
I like this appeal a lot and I know it breaks the "but it was my brother" rule, but I like it.

I'll prod Haine.
I agree with Wonk. I'll unban you, but please keep in mind that, if your brother comes on and griefs again, you'll end up back here. Please make sure to keep your brother in line via liberal application of noogies where needed.
Thank you for the quick replies! Don't worry, I'll make sure he doesn't! o7

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