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How do I make my own ss13 server with a forum?
How do I make sss13 server like you guys have just with different source code?
god bless your soul
Seriously Darkchis say something if its helpful
(04-19-2017, 07:50 PM)Darkchis Wrote: god bless your soul
Im just going to ask are you actually ready yo host a server because you either need a really good computer that you own to host it your self but that wont be something thats on 24/7 so to get it on 24/7 you pay for the servers like a lot of the other servers do and that costs a lot last known amount of money i known to host a server was about 2 000 dollars a year for the server.

also you want a diffrent soucre code
heres a link to the TG station code you can take it its open source

Edit: oh yeah forgot about the forums
Well you need a server to host the forums and a domain both of them take some money so you better be prepared to shovel some money in this server project.
Oh is there a way I can do it for free?

EDIT: If not then I better continue my trolling career.
hmm well i'm only [AGE CENSORED]
he does it for free
Okay so can I do it for free yes or no?

babaye get out of my thread or you'll be name this most idiotic person in 2017
i'll host it for you if you write a 15 page essay on who your favorite sonichu character is and why and have it on my desk by tuesday
(04-19-2017, 09:51 PM)Coolgames814 Wrote: hmm well i'm only [AGE CENSORED]

I dunno, there are laws about having a server, like smoking a drinking. Are you sure you're old enough? We could get in a lot of trouble if we told you how to start a server and you were underage
you can host a private 1 man server for free
Google Cloud offers fairly cheap servers that work really well, though they do require some knowledge of Unix.
Go away.

Come back.

Go away again.

Am I doing this right?

One more should do it.

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