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Admins ruin a Brilliant game
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(04-18-2017, 07:49 PM)Coolgames814 Wrote: Hello, people of the internet.

Now you all obviously know what Space Station 13 is and what it does but first I must ask me and other people what a sandbox game is.
To me and sandbox game is a type of game where you are free to do anything you desire so in games like space engineers I can make a space hotel or I can make a space torture center so I can torture myself (:P if you ever did that let me know and post a comment in the comments section because I never actually did that.) or as another good example Garry's Mod is described as a sandbox game. I all so want to know what you guys think the definition of a sandbox game is. (Post in the comment section below.)

Now looking at the title that clearly says "Admins ruin a Brilliant game" would make you automatically think just some kid trying to find a good place to rage in but no I'm not that type of person so listen up and don't say stupid shit in the comments like this "YOU MOTHER FUCKER SHITLER YOU DESERVE TO GET BANNED ADMINS ARE THE BEST NEVER COME BACK TOO SS13343333 AAAAA!!!!1"

So what do I think of ss13?
I think it's a brilliant unique game but most importantly do I think it's a simulator YES do I think it's a sandbox game.... HELL NO!
I'll tell you why I think it's not a sandbox game to now first we have to look at the definition of a sandbox game according to the internet dictionary
"A sandbox is a style of game in which minimal character limitations are placed on the gamer, allowing the gamer to roam and change a virtual world at will. In contrast to a progression-style game, a sandbox game emphasizes roaming and allows a gamer to select tasks." okay with that in mind its clearly not a sandbox game because of well ADMINS so that means that if it's a sandbox game why can't I go off and flush the clown down the disposals why can't I take the captain and lock him in a cage and give him the furry virus why can't I explore med bay then repair it and turn it into the furry med bay and convert the whole crew into furries.

What do I think of the rules too?


The rules and the way the control how you play the game are ridiculous there are only a few rules that I agree with such as no ERP or no being creepy and why don't they add certain OOC rules such as no swearing and no making fun of people who have autism.
and also add a fucking respawn button there's a reason why they exist

Do I think the game is taken too seriously


Oh god yes this game is taken too seriously.

Also please note that this is my opinion.

And I also don't want admins constantly bombarding me and attempting to ban me but also at the same time calling me a "Real life retard."

And also if an admin sees this don't go "Holy fuck you have bad grammar you real retard."

As a good example, Ark is a sandbox game.

if the style of play on goon does not suit you go to another server. Simple as that, also learn to spell for the sake of all of us.
Incidentally, there are in fact a couple of small SS13 grief servers with no rules bar the bare minimum of stuff like 'don't crash the server'. They're not especially popular (despite what your thesis would have us believe), but they're there regardless and you can probably find them if you search hard enough.
(04-19-2017, 07:39 AM)Haine Wrote: Were all your evasion attempts trolling too?

Quote:[00:35:06] [LLJK US 2] !BAN! Auto Banner has banned coolgames814 !PERMANENTLY!: [Evasion Attempt x12] Previous Reason: beat and spaced a dude for no reason, then logs off after stopped, still a jerk

Dang we got trolled again!!  Extremely trolled by the troll king coolgames814.  dang.
ban he all adm inmediantly
i cant believe this and his other shit fest are the two most popular threads on the forum right now
it's a car accident thread

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