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Coolgames814 banned by auto banner
Who banned you?: AutoBanner
Byond Key: Coolgames814 
Date of Ban: I think it was either two years ago or one year ago.
Specified Reason for Ban: beat and spaced a dude for no reason, then logs off after stopped, still a jerk
Ban Length: Permanent
What led to the ban? I can't really remember that much since it was a very long time ago I think I may have got upset with him I'm not too sure.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I would like to mention I have read over the rules and I believe I broke rule one "Don't grief" and I fully understand that what I did was wrong.
Evasion Attempts: I don't remember any I don't know just correct me if I'm wrong
Yes I have
I have been using a vpn and yes I do have multiple other ckeys oh and also theres a space station 13 remake comming out

And Yes I have tried evading bans but know i've given up and learnt from my mistakes.

The remake seems more funner then the goddamn byond version because theres no one telling you what to do. you know what this game would be alot more funner if it actually had a godddamn respawn button where you could actually create a new character and no rules too which is fantastic because the best way to ruin a game is too add rules on every little thing because i'll tell you why minecraft is so popular BECAUSE THERES NO RULES NO BODY IS TELLLING YOU WHAT TO DO!

It is fun for me when I don't get bombarded by an admin... why do you people even loose sleep over this game all the rules it's just silly. Really I find it even quite pathetic how you have to have rules that don't even make sense and when you do roleplay the admins have to control how you roleplay you can't roleplay any situation you like like i got banned on another server because there was a clown that said that the religion that I was worshiping wasn't real and I was worshipping nar'sie I was basically a rp cultist but yet I tried to kill this clown because of what he said about my cult I was roleplaying real life situations and I told them why I attempted to kill that clown and they said "Lol why would a cultist do that no religious person does that!" but that's completely false some cults and religions murder people for different reasons and they even murder people who disobey there religion and tell them that it does not exist heck even some people who were high Christians murdered people like Galileo Galilei because he said that the earth was flat Christainallity murdered a lot of people as far as I'm concerned in the real world religions should be illegal because they cause too much chaos.
Okay yes, it is good to have some rules but why don't you have other rules like no swearing no sharing personal info the only rule that I see reasonable is the NO ERP rule.
Also look at this link its a link on who Galileo Galilei was:
But please note this is my opinion.. so if you agree with me or disagree that's fine I'll still follow your rules and have fun at the same time and when it's days like ass day I'll just leave because I hate those days.
(04-14-2017, 08:34 PM)Coolgames814 Wrote: why do you people even loose sleep over this game all the rules it's just silly.

fuck man I haven't slept in four days because I'm just sitting around worrying about spaceman fartgame rule breakers.  how could they do this.  how could they break the spaceman fartgame rules.  we must add more rules to make them stop breaking the rules.  rule 32-h don't break the rules.  there.  it will finally be over now.

But in all seriousness, our rules exist as they do for a couple reasons: most exist because we've had issues with behavior outlined in them in the past, some because it's stuff we don't want to see on our servers in the first place (the no bigotry rule, for example).  You can't kill people for RP reasons (like "I was RPing as a murderer so I killed that guy!") because the game already assigns people to be the murderer/the monster.  If everybody can just go "I'm RPing a murderer" and kill however and whoever they like, then it can become a deathmatch round after round pretty easy.   That totally changes how the game is played.  It gets old.

(04-13-2017, 12:19 AM)Coolgames814 Wrote: and no rules too which is fantastic because the best way to ruin a game is too add rules on every little thing because i'll tell you why minecraft is so popular BECAUSE THERES NO RULES NO BODY IS TELLLING YOU WHAT TO DO!

Most multiplayer minecraft servers have rules or plugins to enforce things being played a certain way.  I've played on quite a few no-rules/griefing-allowed MC servers before, and they can be fun.  You know what happens in them though?  People kill you all the time, especially if you've just spawned.  It's a constant struggle to stay alive until you can hide or get enough gear to fight back.  That's fun for a while, but sometimes you just wanna chill out and build a house or something.

How would you feel if, instead of being able to join up as a clown and RP out your cultist thing, some guy just sat in the arrivals shuttle and killed you every time you spawned, before you could get a single word out?  If we didn't have a no metagaming rule, he and a buddy could sit on skype and do that over and over, silently.  You'd never get to do anything but join and die.  How long do you think it'd be before you just said "fuck it" and left?

Or, being SS13, someone could go out of their way to just blow everything up.  You join up and there's no station at all.  Just space, you have nowhere you can go and nothing you can do.  And there's probably a guy in the arrivals shuttle who kills you immediately, anyway.

I'm not saying the whole "struggle to survive every second" thing isn't fun sometimes, but it's not how our admins and community as a whole want things to be every round.  So we need some rules.  If you'd like to try your hand at running a no-rules SS13 server, I'd be interested to see how it works out.  Please feel free to try hosting our last release from March 2016 or any of the open source SS13 codebases and give it a try.

If you have any specific questions about our rules, I'm happy to try and answer.

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