Mentor application: HotCoffeeMug
Usual Character Name: Byron Smail/(smoil)
BYOND Username: starvalt
Recommended by (if applicable):
Times Available: 6:00 am est to 3:00 pm/6:00 pm on weekends maybe more

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): about a month ago new people started showing up on goon and yes this is not something diffrent but i see them on goon while i am online and they usually need help and im happy to help them every now and them and guide them on what to do and i usually also point to mentor help because they can help them more but there are no mentors on during the early low pop hours that i am on so i thought that maybe i could be a mentor and help people that are on low pop that use mentor help instead of having them use the radio and not getting a awnser because people are too busy doing their own stuff

also because i get that fancy color in ooc

History or something before goon:

I started playing ss13 in 2015 and started goon in early 2016 i have gotten basic knowledge from other stations that i have been on and after landing on goon i liked the place and i stayed here for now

Civilian jobs:

i know the basics of botany and i know the ways to cook and how to make drinks i'm also good at hacking stuff but who does not know that other than those i don't know more from those jobs

but i usually use the time as a assistant running around eating pills from strangers instead of being useful


i know how to set up the engine with a basic furnace set up and a good hellburn that can last long with out turning engineering to a big bbq mechanic is not my favorite thing but i know the basics of it like linking buttons and setting up small things mining is a fun thing that i know some stuff about but im not a super turbo fast miner man who knows everything

engineering is nice usually when i play im the CE and make a hellburn but sometimes i just hotwire solars


i know the basics for surgery and i know what heals people and what cures diseases i know the basic things from genetics but i don't everything about it

i stay away from being a doctor usually


I know how to handle the teleporter and making bombs is easy for me chemistry im not that good at it but i know basic things about it artifact research is not my favorite thing and i dont know that much about it

the second most played department that i play in my opinion and i like it 

Command and security:

I dont play security that much because i find it boring

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): nope not no goon
I vote no simply because this whole application is one giant run-on sentence. How can you help people if this is how you utilize language? My eyes immediately gloss over such blocks of uninterrupted text.
I haven't had bad experiences with you, but Boon Yoon is right, this is written in a very ignorable way. No
yes it is written horribly and i know it after looking at it and thats it and i that Boon is correct too that if i cant write things like this properly im not mentormaterial even if im a good person so this can be closed i will make a new one a lot more later and i hope i can make a better one then but for now i can help people as a non mentor good bye.

ps its a problem in me i just cant write things properly it is a problem in me and maybe the time that i made this.
You usually come across as coherent in-game, so this is rather surprising.

It looks like you're using too many connectives to piece words together into a gigantic single entity, consider replacing some of the "and"s and other connectives with punctuation!

Definitely consider resubmitting your application - knowledge and experience wise you definitely qualify.
I'm sorry but i just can't support this application because HOLY FUCKING SHIT MY EYES, i suggest you resubmit it with less horrible writing, if you do i will gladly support you!
Gunna deny this application since there's no 'yes's, but please try rewriting your application and resubmitting it soon!

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