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Minor Teporone Flip Flopped
To recreate:

1: Make teporone


Teporone is supposed to increase body temperature by 10 degree increments when too cold, and decrease by 10 degrees when too warm

This does not happen. Instead, it will always set your body temperature to normal body temperature every life cycle.

This is due to a mistake in the code where max should say min, and min should say max.
[Image: 71407eb726.png]
Actually I believe that if you swap min max its still bugged. If youre cold it would make you even colder, and if youre hot it would make you 10C hotter every life cycle


Where current Body temperature = 0 and base = 20
Min(20, 0 -10) 
makes you -10C chilling you

Where Bt= 500 base= 20
Makes you 510, 10 degrees hotter.

So the correct code would be

Min(Base, current+10) to warm by 10c
Max(base, current -10) to chill by 10c

Edit: actually for the chilling part you dont even need the max statement since it only ever starts over 311. It could just be a simple current-10 saving us a few fractions of a millisecond. After all it will never chill you past ~302 so checking to ensure it never cools you below the base temp of 20 is pointless
this gives me an idea
(03-08-2017, 01:07 PM)NateTheSquid Wrote: this gives me an idea

Until they fix it, you can make your body temperature the base body temperature every life cycle. Abuse while you can wink

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