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More vending machines, less general manufacturers
Awhile ago I suggested that there should be vending machines that dispensed items related to emergency response items (airtanks, fire extinguishers, crowbars and someone pointed out that most things are readily available through gen manufacturers.

People have also said there's an over abundance of items freely available items and not enough things to spend money on

So what if instead of having machines that provide you with most of what you could possibly want, instead you had to buy them through more themed vending machines?

So you'd have your vending machines for tools, your light bulbs, etc?

As for what happens when they run out of stock?  There's a couple of ways to handle that
  • Have them work like gen manufacturers and turn raw materials into more items you can buy
  • Have a generic refill kit purchasable at qm
  • Have them automatically refilled periodically similar to qm market shifts
  • Have a merchant you pay to refill the machines
  • Have infinite supplies provided you have the cash
make all fabricators cost money!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha eat shit miners, now you have to actually work WITH qm!
(03-04-2017, 02:12 AM)NateTheSquid Wrote: make all fabricators cost money!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha eat shit miners, now you have to actually work WITH qm!

Nightmare fuel for miners
Aa. Wrong thread.
here is an addendum

money that goes into station-side vending machines hould recirculate at least partially into the stations payroll budget. real "i owe my soul to the company store" type shit

or does it already?
If vending machines have anything good in them, people will just hack them to spew stuff out for free.
and vending machines should ping security to defend the sanctity of capitalism and private property to keep the peasants in line
Vendors, I think, already send a portion of their profits to the shipping budget. Rather than remove the fabricators, why not have them start without any materials loaded? It would mean that vendors are far more convenient for getting supplies quickly, and sources of materials like QM and mining are more useful.

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