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Banned Too Live? - MagicMountain
atomicthumbs Wrote:Hi I heard you wanted other admin opinion. Im sorry I couldn't I was at work. Heres my opinion. I know its not aligning with a lot of other admin opinion but hear me out.

Your shit. Your family for three generations in past is Shit for causing you. I curse yout offspring to be ten genreations of Shit. Your a SHIT BIGOT and u deservve it. Have a nice day

and this is your staff no wonder everyone bashes your servers so much bro like i said when you notice you start to lose player base jsut remember unarmedtoast take care.
I'm not sure why you're acting so surprised, it's like you spent this entire thread trying to get banned harder. Well, like you said there's plenty of better homes for a player like you.
Did you really think trying to DoS our forum was a smart idea? Sheesh.

Ban is permanent. Don't bother trying to re-appeal in a month, bye forever.
This has to be some kind of record. I don't think I've ever seen someone splode themselves so quickly. It takes a real piece of work to turn a simple warning over bad language into every single admin unanimously agreeing that you should never, ever be allowed to play here.

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