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Mentor Application: Scalawag Jack
Usual Character Name: Scalawag Jack
BYOND Username: Rocco Koolaid, previously ranma814
Recommended by (if applicable): Me
Times Available: After 6 pm AST

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I had made an application years back and retracted it because I didn't think I was knowledgeable enough to help in mentorhelp. Now, having a very large general and adequate technical understanding of things in the game, I'd like to reapply. I've been playing since about 2012 and while I've had a few mixups with admins at times, I've managed to stay clean pretty much the entire time. I think I'd be an asset to the mentorhelp team as I always want to help new people but they would often dismiss it or not listen. If I become a mentor, I think I'd be much more effective at teaching people how to play. In the past two years in particular I've also learned to let things go and chill out, because being mad at this game is pointless. If there's one thing I'd like to work on, it's security. I don't join sec enough and haven't cooperated with other officers very well to this point, though I do like to check in on the radio.

I usually will play medical doctor, quartermaster, miner, cyborg, chaplain, janitor, security, staff assistant, botanist, roboticist, chief engineer, head of personnel or some sort of traitor. As a roboticist I've recently mastered self-surgery and replaced all of my limbs. I then moved onto surgery of others, a slightly tougher task for some reason. As a janitor, I've learned that sponges can clean anything with one spritz of water as well as prevent slipping. As such I'm not usually killed for being the janitor anymore! Unless I'm asking for it. As quartermaster, I've abused the simplicity of pod part construction for massive profit, as is the trend. As head of personnel I've given people ID lotteries using dice games, and given a hefty raise to the underappreciated. As miner, I've collected uselessly massive amounts of minerals using the pod and magnets, only for my materials to be turned against me in the form of spears. As security, I've stopped shuttle traitors dead in their tracks, smashed them through the windows and out into the wormhole. I can't say much else I've done is really notable, but I try to be nice to people and stop unnecessary fights. Sometimes I'm rude! Give me shit for it. I can apologize.

Thanks for reading and I hope to be considered.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): None that I am aware of.
A well written application and a knowlegeable player. A yes from me.
Can anyone else comment?

Otherwise this guy has a spotless record so no character concerns here.
Alright now that my app was closed gonna comment, I haven't seen you that much but i have had mostly good experiences with you, so gonna go with a hesitant yes.
ive played with you a lot in the past and you know your stuff

i think you would be a fine addition
My memories are "quiet side but positive" and you seem to know your stuff.

Seems fine to me.
From when I see you on the servers you appear to your shit so yes from me.

(03-09-2017, 05:32 PM)HydroFloric Wrote: From when I see you on the servers you appear to  know* your shit so yes from me.

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