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Bombs are horrible. Let's nerf bombs.
Cogwerks Wrote:
atomic1fire Wrote:It would be neat if we could have some kind of anti personnel bombs, something that wouldn't do a whole lot of environmental damage, but could hurt/kill most unarmored crewmen. Maybe pipebombs fill that role, but I think it would be a neat thing to consider.

That's a thing I've been working on as a side project for awhile.

Sometimes I feel that I'm the only one who remembers that igniter bombs are still things we can make.

I've grown to prefer igniter bombs precisely because they are very deadly within their killzones but have minimal collateral damage.

Obviously I won't post any recipes here, but it is fairly easy to create 1x1 and 3x3 igniter bombs for anti-personnel work. They necessary components also aren't as tightly controlled as the valves necessary for valve bombs, so that's another advantage for traitoring as far as I'm concerned.

The 1x1 bombs are nice because they will obliterate everything in a single tile with zero collateral damage (I've literally stood adjacent to these things as they've gone off). They're perfect for assassinations. On a few occasions I've gibbed my target, rebuilt the single destroyed floor tile, and then alerted the station that I've found gibs and that I think there might be a wizard on the loose.

I think the 3x3's have a bit more collateral damage, but it is mostly cosmetic beyond the 3x3 square that is obliterated.

Also, their sprites are pretty great. Proximity triggered igniter bombs look pretty menacing with those blinking lights. big grin
Yeah, igniter bombs are pretty great and hardly anyone even knows they exist. They make fantastic incendiaries and cold gas dispersal weapons too.

I think I forgot to mention it in this thread - I updated pipebombs and rpg rounds last week or so, they all do a bit less hull damage now but cause shrapnel implantation to anyone in their blast radius. Syndicate pipebombs have the widest range.

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