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Ideas of questionable quality
(12-03-2023, 07:25 PM)Snoid Wrote: this is a passing thought but i feel like sharing. i feel like maybe it would be interesting if captains had a rarer chance of being antag? so that its more surprising when the captain of your ship is actually evil. i dont even play on rp or anything i just feel like the cap being antag being more of a TWIST would be neat.

As I only play on RP - where the captain can not be an antagonist (aside from mindhack or similar things) - I do not have much of an opinion on it.

But even on RP, a detective/command antagonist can feel ... unfair? strong?
It might be worth to create a thread about that.

And personally - I prefer not to be in command when I roll antagonist.
Partially, because I can not break into the bridge when I already have access to it.
Captain antagonists existed on RP but only as conspirators.

And it's not THAT strong, not stronger then an antagonist HoP cause the captain gets more attention then the HoP does.

As for detective... to me that's the most powerful antagonist next to HoP.
HoP can have AA all he likes for him and his allies.
HoP can funnel funds and such.

Sounds like HoP is more powerful right? Nope Det is more powerful. HoP may have all the funds, but he cannot buy what the detective has.

Det has a gun with stun and lethals. Access to some security items. Access to the Det-Net VR glasses, wich are the MOST POWERFUL ITEM IN THE GAME!

Det-nets allow you to access security records on the fly and edit them faster then any security assistant can. Det-Net allows you to access the camera system. Det-Net allow you access to security radio stations (though as a Det you have it already, but for when you lose it) So yea..

Also the det has Spy Stickers wich is great for tracking and eavesdropping and the det-gadget hat. So yea... the Det is the most powerful antag despite lacking acces.

Anyway... this ain't a discussion topic but a silly suggestion topic.
Boxing gloves that put people inside locked crates when used on them
Some meteors now contain mystical rocks that do weird things like mutations, cosmic powers, teleportation and such.

Yes Meteors.. so only during meteor showers do these appear.

Also some rocks turn players into blobs.
alternate variation of meteor storm: artifact storm. the station gets pelted with alien artifacts of one origin, scrap n debris corresponding to that origin, and just rocks n shit

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