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Ideas of questionable quality
(11-26-2022, 06:22 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: Holding two handed guns one handed.

I picture it like this:

When you hold a two handed gun, the hand you choose to pick it up in is the hand that is holding it. If the other hand is other hand is free, it automatically moves it to the trigger in a two handed fire mode.

If you switch hands where the active hand isn't the one holding the gun, you lower the gun in the inactive hand and keep it held around the barrel, unable to fire but only taking up one hand slot.

You'd be free to use the other hand to pick up items, toss a grenade (Maybe there's a delay if you throw these due to pin removal, maybe not) even fire a one handed gun like a pistol. However you'd be unable to fire the rifle until you cleared the other hand and switched back to the original hand holding the rifle to fire it again.

This leaves the action button free to do things like cocking or pumping, and the player unable to dual wield long guns (Provided they only have two arms) Potentially available for the RPG letting a player hold it in a safer fashion, and reload after firing.

Considering how Goon does their guns (Things like the pump action use on the shotgun) this is a good method to make holding weapons viable. If we don't rework it so that using the action button causes you to hold the weapon two handed (Like some weapons) I find this to be a pretty good thing to shoot for.

Question is, when will you code it?

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