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Ideas of questionable quality
As much as I agree with the above, there are some objectives where uploading a suicide law is the best way to accomplish it (Make sure no cyborgs exist at the end of the round for example).

Granted, you don't HAVE to follow objectives, but still.

I propose that if it ONLY says "Commit Suicide" or "Kill Yourself" it changes to the above since it conflicts with law 3, which overrides it.

Edit:Wow what a time to make a new page now this post just looks dumb
Ha ha, nerd

It's happend to me many times as well
(01-29-2019, 01:10 PM)John Warcrimes Wrote: A field similar to your bank PIN in character creation, but for your syndicate unlock code

(12-27-2018, 10:20 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: Saying the AI's name should create a sound effect and highlight your next statement. Kinda like Siri or Alexa
I've thought about making AI-subroutines, in which any order to the AI is automatically responded to, but with the AI-player being able to set the response. The idea proved unfeasible, but I've seen miracles come from the community lately.
There should be an ingame tip line where you dial a phone number and run through an automated script that occasionally asks you to say words aloud to go to another section of the tip guide.
Wizards get a passive boost to spell cooldowns while drunk.
You need more mana, drink more booze!

About time to bring this up again. This and the pantsless pockets trait.
Glue Bottles.

Find them around the station and apply that gooey adhesive to any item to stick them on surfaces, like floors, tables, maybe even walls. If you try to pick up a glued object, you'll usually struggle to pick it up and the sprite will wiggle in place. Perhaps you would need to crowbar pry a glued item or apply some sort of glue removal substances to be able to pick it up.

Secondly, picking up a item with glue still on it that has not been formally stuck to a surface, anyone attempting to pick it up will have it glued to their hands and will be stuck for a while or will need to find away to get it off.
yes, i love it

glue should also get you high and poison you if you ingest it
(02-13-2019, 05:38 AM)aft2001 Wrote: yes, i love it

glue should also get you high and poison smarten you if you ingest it
put glue on your hands to make you unable to drop something, even if knocked down

glue your c-saber to your hands, or your TTV

superglue should be a traitor item that NEVER wears off
I would enjoy applying glue to all the chairs on the station
A mutation that teleports you to a random tile in escape. Only works once.
Pocket Sand is a good traitor idea, fills a pocket with several units of "sand" that stun a player for half a second and blurs their screen for either 1 minute or until they do something hygiene related.

Can't be removed from the pocket, causing you to lose access to it until you change uniform, gives you a power similar to genetics/wizards that does the sand throwing, range of 1-2 tiles max.
I think that you should just be able to do that with any sand you find since that's such a minor effect. However, since this is space, sand is kinda hard to find, so... Good luck! Infinite supply of what's basically the same effect as throwing a creampie at someone's face if you work hard enough for it doesn't sound very rewarding. Does sound pretty funny though!
Hard work for hard reward

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