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Ideas of questionable quality
someone has likely already suggested this but...

the ability to make Braking bad Blue Meth,

maybe a secret chemical
Trying to pick up the faustian bargain kit briefcase without wearing the lawyer outfit the kit comes with should make the case bite your arm off.
Here's a (debatably) good idea; make a miscreant objective where the crewmember is a witch/wizard and has to convince the crew of their powers, and make a chaplain objective to pour holy water on the crewmembers with that objective, but don't give the chaplain their name. Re-enact the Salem witch trials, but without the murder.
Email should be persistent across rounds
(03-29-2021, 07:23 PM)penny Wrote: Email should be persistent across rounds

(03-29-2021, 12:57 AM)Nihisohel Wrote: Cocaine

Cocaine USED to be in the game, I think only Matcho Man could use it without getting violently ill.
Skeletons should be able to detach their limbs and use them as weapons
Adjust the roundstart messages for heads of staff to not show the names of the head of staff, So instead of:

Billy Jean is the Captain.
Spockity Spocky is the Chief Engineer.
Door mcBolty is the AI.

you would instead see

There is a Captain, Chief Engineer and AI on shift.

The Names would be shown to roles relevant to them however, Civilian department would see the name of the HoP if present. Engineering, the CE. Medical, the MD. Science the RD. Security the HoS, and all command roles would see the name of the Captain. Nuclear operatives would know the name of the Captain, and Revheads would know the names of all heads of staff

This would prevent(ish) metagaming play based on roundstart command roster.
Dyspraxia and comic sans on clowns should be tied to a special Clown Training trait, along with juggling etc. so they can't be mutadoned away, will always persist after cloning, and aren't removed by an admin heal.

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