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Best moments ever thread 2.0
Just wanted to tell this story of one round a while ago when I was a Scientist trying out Toxins for the first time and ended up making an eternal, unmoving flame. This may not be the best place to tell, but this seems as good as any.

So here I was, a nooby sci-lad, with nothing to do. Everyone compartment had people in it, except for Toxins. Thus, I head in and pull up the wiki and look around. I get the gist and start pulling random canisters from the storage and mixing them together, making a mess of a mix, I’ve forgotten what exactly it consisted of, as it was a while and I wasn’t really taking note of what I did. So I start putting it into the test chamber, and watch it fill it up before I light it on fire. I open the space shutters and watch as it somehow gets hotter and hotter.

I then try and put it into a empty, maybe not empty canister and this is where things when wrong. Once I had gotten some of that heated mixture into that canister, the pressure started building, exponentially. I had no idea what to do and just watched in horror as it grew in pressure by the second. When trying to figure out what to do, the canister full of this wack mixture explodes, damaging me severely, before being saved by a borg.

Mobile once again, I go to take stock of the damage, and lo and behold, there it is. The eternal flame. The flame is on like 8 or 9 tiles, spread randomly, distributed randomly, yet it wasn’t cooling, heating, expanding, nothing. The flame was if it got stuck in time. Still very hot though.

For the rest of that round I stared at my creation, for well over 10 minutes, nothing changing. When the shuttle arrived there was only one thing to do, I must become fuel for my creation, I would feed the flames of my own creation with my body to atone for my crimes against time and fire.

Thus ends my tale of woe, and the Eternal Flame of a nooby Scientist, possibly a hellburn of such minute proportions it was useless, but an amazing, conventional, and mysterious attraction.

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