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Best moments ever thread 2.0
(01-13-2019, 01:15 PM)Firebarrage Wrote: Today we learned that it is possible for a macho man to throw a macho man who is throwing someone else. And that it chains as much as you want.

We had 5 macho men orbiting like a beautiful solar system of macho and death. It was great.

It was as imperfect as it was great and i was glad to have been part of it. Hoping anyone happenes to have recorded it.
Achieved this earlier today (also wow this thread hasn't had any posts in a while)

[Image: c373f663a679946c330230516cb7f87b.gif]
Coincidentally timed runner-up reporting in.

[Image: unknown.png]
After neatly disposing of their targets, a traitor decided to hit up the armory and stock up on rampage gear. While they were strolling back through the bridge, they spotted the captain heading into their room and decided to take them on.

Then, this happened.

Quote:Sybil Braun fires Riot Shotgun at the carpet!

Jones weaves around Sybil Braun's legs and trips her!

Billy Beefheart fires the energy gun at the carpet!

Billy Beefheart fires the energy gun at the steel floor!

Sybil Braun is hit by the energy bolt!

Sybil Braun collapses!

DEAD: Ghost (Melissabelle Ataxia) laments, "OH MY GOD"

Billy Beefheart attempts to handcuff Sybil Braun!

DEAD: Ghost (Melissabelle Ataxia) laments, "JONES JUST ROBUSTED A TRAITOR"

Sybil Braun gasps, "fucking cat"
So with the flood of newcomers a lot of them chose the security officer role..

I spawn as a traitor and do what I always do, obnoxiously rush into danger with no plan.
Slip trough an open door into security and stare at the seven police officers who have no clue what they are doing.
I go deeper into the room with the taser gun rack, and steal all three of those taser-guns.
Somebody more experienced realizes that I am not supposed to be here and begins pursuit as I start running in circles around the table.
He draws his baton and I disarm him and steal it.
Now all the other security guys start chasing me chaotically and all of them have help intent so I have no problems passing trough them in this clusterfuck.
I start firing back and forth with my taser guns and take two officers down, then two other officers get tazed down by their own friendly fire.

Some officer then opens the exit door and I make a run for it.
Chaotic and kinda cartoonishly comical chase ensues in the hallways as stun bolts fly trough the air and always miss me because of my kung-fu, (shitty byond net code).
Then after three minutes I manage to hide in a bush.
As a Research Director ling one shift, I absorbed a few people. Later on in the round, some robust mechanic nerd is also absorbing people in the Research wing. We end up fighting against each other as I'm trying to telesci, stinging each other with neurotoxin, LSD, as well as shooting and flashing each other. We even almost absorb each other at different points. I end up bolting him inside the teleporter and start spamming a non-functional z-level, which set the area on fire. It gets too hot however, and after I opened up the bolted doors and expected a body, there's a hole leading right out of the teleporter room. He escaped.

Later on in the round, I'm caught by the Head of Security as a ling. I'm brought to the sec office, but I keep stinging him with neurotoxin. Of course, security is poopoo. The combination of the Head of Security passed out and a random beaker combination that made people slip around helped me escape. I used the port-a-sci remote to get the hell outta there after instantly breaking my cuffs.

Since my Mike Rotch name is tarnished with being a ling, I transform into some scientist I absorbed earlier. After I change into someone else in a locker in chemistry, I walk out into the research wing hallways and see none-other then... myself. Apparently, the other ling from earlier was able to transform into me and didn't know of my name compromised. He's currently absorbing someone in the middle of the oxygenless hallway, so I sting him and wait for him to pass out. He gets knocked out, so I drag him into a locker and quickly weld it. I announce over the radio that I caught Mike Rotch the ling.

The Head of Security (slowly) comes to chem, takes away the locker, and crushes it. It's the best feeling in the world. The shuttle finally arrived after a sort-of destructive round. I get on the shuttle along with the Head of Security. While the oxygen is removed from the shuttle, I tell him that I was the ling all along. He can't reach me since he's suffocating. And I live to make it to CentComm.
[Image: VtjXCFx.png]
An all around incredible stealthy nukeops round.  a greater domestic space-bee that's gunna cause some trouble
(07-06-2019, 01:55 AM)Flaborized Wrote: [Image: VtjXCFx.png]
An all around incredible stealthy nukeops round.  a greater domestic space-bee that's gunna cause some trouble
And the best part is the nukeops still failed.
It's revolution time and I'm the RD. Immediately a fellow scientist Camryn Stern tries to flash me so I ran to the bridge screaming "REVS!". Me and the captain arm up in security, meet up with the MD and order some loyalty implants in cargo. Over the course of the next new minutes we implant most of the crew and eliminate one head revolutionary. (Another headrev meanwhile died, I assume of natural causes.) The only one left is Camryn. As we are searching the station for them suddenly podbay explodes killing the captain. Shortly after that we manage to stun Camryn and I begin cuffing them. But they dropped a TTV, oh no. The TTV unsurprisingly exploded taking out Camryn (the last headreav) and also me, the MD and the HoP because we somehow randomly met in that hallway like the dumbasses we are. Well, it turns out that if one explosions takes out all remaining headrevs and staff heads then revolutionaries win (or at least that was the case here, it probably depends on who gets gibbed first or something). I wish I took the screenshot of the round end statistics - everyone relevant was listed as (dead). Also Camryn has some balls to pull a suicide TTV like that when their death means losing.
You hear a voice in your head... "punp."
Cue farting the windows startup noise, burping out glitchy.ogg, and screaming slap into a slim jim before screaming it again in front of a monkey and exploding into dozens of slim jims.

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