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banned by grayshift
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Who banned you?: grayshift
Byond Key: Mutchall
Date of Ban: about 5 hours ago
Specified Reason for Ban: Filled a crate with melons containing water+potassium, took it to the shuttle and threw a welder inside. Resulting chain explosion gibbed him and at least one other person. Logged out before I could talk to them. I can believe this was a mistake but you shouldn't have logged out. Appeal on the forums to explain and have this shortened, or wait it out.
Ban Length: 7 Days
What led to the ban? Well, it started when I put the hybrid banana-watermelons in the crate along with some paper to really get them all going for when I put the welding tool on them. I tried not to detonate too many melons, I know it can freeze the server. But yes, I don't know, I just have a strange attraction to that couple of minutes of craziness when the escape shuttle arrives. But if I must stop unless I'm the antag then that's fine.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: Because I really, really enjoy the game.
Evasion Attempts: I logged out because the round was over and I was going to have a break, sorry about that.
When a person logs out right after causing an accident, it looks like griefing. Accidents happen and when you stick around to explain how you fucked up, we generally don't have to Apply Corrective Measures and can instead just waggle a finger and say Now You Know Better, Don't Do It Again.

Livening up the shuttle can be fun but stick to irritants rather than explosives in the future. So yes, you must stop. (Take a look at sorium for something much less dangerous.)

If you say you understand all this, I'll shorten this to two days.
Hi Grayshift. Yes I understand all of this. Sorry for the trouble.

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