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Mcspizzys mentor app
Usual Character Name: Mandy Lopsher
BYOND Username: Mcspizzy
Recommended by (if applicable): Hokie,hephasto
Times Available: 5pm-4am

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I've been playing primarily on goonstation for the better part of my ss13 play time and I feel that its finally time to create a mentor app. Most of my knowledge lie in the more technical parts of the game, such as how to correctly use TermOS and ThinkDOS, but moreso with ThinkDOS (thanks AGTOS!) as i use it to a great extent then playing as sec or any of the science jobs. Surgery and chemistry coming in next on my grasp on the game, since when i first started playing on the RP i almost exclusively played as the medical director. doing so taught me how to do most all forms of surgery and create healing chems without looking at the wiki for help (something that playing as a regular md/scientist would have never taught me(unless you follow the first rule, but who does that?)). though probably, by far out of my MD days that i like to think of was not the fact that i mastered surgery, more that i helped me in exploring telesci and the debris field for all the sweet medical loot. 

up next on my list is killin, yep, good ol murder of thy fellow man. from making hellburns, never ending produce explosions, poisons ranging from obvious to the most secret of secrets and everything inbetween. mechanical events to what a man can to to another using simply his bare hands...not that i would share these tips (can i? i've never mentor helped on how to kill, seems like something you wouldnt help with), it just happens to be something i am very experienced with. and speaking of mechanical events, my knowledge of building things if pretty good too, see here: . But, what im most proud of, the thing that i always see others fail to grasp ( hell i barely understand it myself), is pathology. but to be fair my knowledge in this field is highly limited to using ghetto tactics and praying that i make something that may or may not make you fart.

thank you for taking the time to read this, i hope that i can become a mentor and help those to become better space men.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
I'm sort of on the fence about this one. You do seem pretty knowledgeable, but I also remember at least one incident where you made fun of folks behind their backs on discord. It was a blob round on Destiny, and you wordlessly charged into Cargo, drained a good chunk of the budget on weapons - which wasn't a problem, except I was kind of right there and playing the quartermaster. So you left at least one crate of weapons unlocked, grabbed the rest and charged off into security - which also was only a moderate problem, except you were the only person who could get *in* to security. Your character summarily got eaten by the blobs, leaving us with no access to security and no one who could open the weapons crates.

We ended up losing to the blobs despite homemade flamethrowers, some poison and beating down resistant membranes with toolboxes and you made fun of us, and especially me, for being 'unrobust'. I survived beating down multiple fire resistant membranes in melee with a toolbox, so I'm really sure how I was 'bad'. I really don't have a problem with someone pointing out I'm not terribly robust to my face, but the fact it was behind my back sort of sours it. And yes, I was told by a couple of folks.

Regardless, you do seem pretty knowledgeable and I think you'd do fine. Just please, kind of be more thoughtful making fun of folks behind their backs.
I have literally never seen you before in game but that might be because I don't visit Destiny very often. I am a little concerned by how you view the purpose of mentorhelp and what should and shouldn't remain secret, but you mention being recommended by Hokie and Hephasto and I trust their judgement.

Weak yes from me, because it seems evident that you are able to help with some of the more obscure systems in the game.
Recent out-of-game events have made me heavily disinclined to trust you, you've said almost nothing in your application about exactly why you want to be a mentor, and while I don't believe I was there for the previously mentioned incident in Discord I can readily believe it based on your other conduct in there. Regardless, this is neither here nor there when it comes to mentorship and I think you'd be alright. Just, please, knock it off with the shouting and the mocking and the attitude and the incredible anger when someone interrupts you and the "I only kill bees to annoy [this one particular person]", and you'll be pretty much perfect from my perspective.

It's a tentative yes from me.
Well i've never had any bad experiences with you and you sure have been around for a while, yeah.
Right after i posted my app dions said i could add her to the list of recomends (would have added this sooner but work).
I see. Well, it is a bit concerning you didn't address any concerns but I hope things go well for you.
I've never had any problems with Mcspizzy so it's a yes for me.
I'm voting no, just because I've never seen you outside of a silent, trigger happy security role who often acted without proper information. I wouldn't trust you not to use mentor information in game.
sound like a rude butt out of game, and I have seen you as trigger happy sec so its a no from me.
ive seen you around and i think you're pretty knowledgeable and would fit right in

and from my direct interaction with you, you are often helpful and kind
Going to have to say no for now, but feel free to reapply in the near future! Good luck!

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