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Make the tranquilizer rifle less lethal
(01-07-2017, 02:12 AM)zewaka Wrote: neat idea with the no damage thing and stuff for mutadone and haliperidol shots, and maybe forks should be used to dig out embedded stuff because yeah

Let people dig embedded darts and whatnot out of themselves with a knife and maybe strong liquor (for the pain, not disinfectant. Only wimps disinfect wounds)

As for loading 1 syringe of whatever into the rifle at a time, if you were to do that give it a "detects bad chems" thing like a non-emagged hypospray.
i know that you like to have some sort of tool or condition combination associated for an action in this game but really if the tranquilizer dart gun is properly calibrated you should just be plucking them out no surgery bs required

maybe it could be a grab or disarm intent thing if you really dont want to put it on help intent
The condition would be they have a dart in them. If you were going to help someone and maybe do CPR on them, you'd probably pull out any protruding darts from them first, right?
make darts their own thing but instead of having to be removed by surgery, like bullets, you just click yourself with help intent and stand still for a bit, does a tiny bit of brute due to pain removing it, and a chance for small blood loss
I saw this in the changelog. Is this a good idea now?

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