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[FEATURE] Growable Oats
Adds oats as a growable crop, which can be turned into oatmeal in the food processor (i.e. the same way that wheat is turned into flour).

  • Adds the "oat" crop.
  • Oats can be converted into oatmeal in the food processor.
  • I tested on my local build (my changes on top of the goonstation-2016-byond510 branch) and it seems fine.
  • Can grow oats: yes
  • Oats can be turned into oatmeal in the food processor: yes
  • Link to changes
  • Link to patch
  • Note, includes .dmi files so as to allow for better pull requests into my develop branch; for the patch just remove everything from diff --git a/icons/obj/hydroponics/hydromisc.dmi b/icons/obj/hydroponics/hydromisc.dmi onwards to get the patch without the icon changes and manually add them to the relevant files (icon state names are "Oat-G0", "Oat-G1", "Oat-G2" and "oat" as relevant)
  • Icons
    • Oat plant:
      [Image: 9f75wg0.png][Image: mLz5aoe.png][Image: JRiVW10.png]
    • Oat:
      [Image: lIPNauv.png]
Yes please

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