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water fountain tomfoolery
i am of the opinion that you should be able to remove the jug of water from the water fountain and fill it with whatever chems/alcohol/whatever you'd like
you dissolve the grim fuzz into the water jug
you dissolve the septic eagle into the water jug
you dissolve the king jazz into the water jug
you dissolve the night meat into the water jug
i agree with this, even though nobody uses water fountains, except maybe on lljk1
Just make it able to melt from too much heat, or react with certain reagents, and/or be unable to fit in backpacks. Water jugs are both huge and made of plastic, and water jugs should be treated accordingly with the given the potential for utter insanity with effectively giant-giant beakers all over the station.
i was gonna say giant beakers are too much of a threat, make them unable to be picked up or something, but i realized that artbeakers exist, and this is just a dumbed down version of an artbeaker
as long as you cant load it into a chem dispenser itll never be nearly as dangerous as art beakers are. plus, there are already various high-capacity carryables and draggables capable of holding lots of chems, such as plant pots, watering cans, those orange welding fuel tanks that exist only to be flamethrower components(once you empty out the fuel)
You can already fill them with whatever you like. Don't think I like the idea of them being mobile, though - they're pretty voluminous IIRC. I think fuel tanks (300-500u) should be as far as easily-accessible chem containers should go.
this is already in the game why was this thread made

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