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Worst Moments Ever
(08-14-2017, 03:32 PM)PH77SER Wrote: honest question, if this sol stuff takes so long to do ingame, and admins don't want long rounds, how are we suppoused to do them?

When #sol was active, LLJK 1 wasn't an RP server and tended to be super lowpop so we could be solnerds in peace. The admins would hop on to see what was happening + say something funny and sometimes even helped out the nerds.

At least, that's I think I remember. That was during my off-and-on sol experience and ss13 playing, I could be remembering incorrectly.
Honestly, there's two parties at fault I think. The random angry people who didn't complain about the shuttle to you (you were paying attention to the radio, right?) and the admin who didn't bother asking questions. I understand wanting to call the shuttle after X amount of time, but if no one knows it's wanted, no one who can call it will.

Poor communication is a terrible thing.
1 has been a RP server for a long time, but it's been non-extended for significantly less time, and antags make it less likely for the admins to allow the round to go on for hours like it once would.

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