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Mentor app: Avak32 (Julian Stough-Jackson/Artyom Zakharov)
Usual Character Name: Artyom Zakharov (Medical)/Julian Stough-Jackson (Everything else)
BYOND Username: Avak32
Recommended by: Hokie, Haine, Hephasto, HeadSurgeon.
Times Available: UK time, around the afternoon, and in the late evening and onwards until I fall asleep.

Reason for Application + Game Experience: after a brief, unproductive stint in 2013 I began playing again at the start of August and discovered I love this game, slowly moving to mainly play on Destiny. At this point I feel acceptably competent at every job. I can set up the engine for a slow burn, replace the cloner after a bombing, perform all sorts of repairs, fiddle with the computer systems, feel confident in all parts of Medbay, and operate every part of the Research department, including Telesci and Artlab, though my Toxins needs work. I've made bombs, just rubbish ones. I've played every role at least once except from the obvious one, and I've played most of them multiple times. My antag experience is a little dry, but I've read the wiki plenty and I at least know the mechanics of the antags I've not or rarely played. I am equipped with a good memory for useless information (e.g. SS13 information), and I tend to learn it quickly.

I feel like there are a lot of questions that are difficult to find answers to, and I know the answers to a good few of them. I've always tried my best to help new players: drawing up lists of ores and what to do with them to newbie miners, showing people how to perform surgery, teaching people engine set-ups. If someone asks for help, I always try to give it. I like seeing people know what they're doing and have fun playing their role, and I want to help people with this. Answering questions is one of my favourite activities, and being a mentor would give me plenty of opportunities to answer questions and help people, including at times I wouldn't normally be able.

I hope to be able to get more people stuck playing this utterly insane pile of ancient mystery code, and to help those already lost with obscure, half-forgotten systems nobody fully understands.

Previous Bans: none.
If HeadSurgeon recommends you then you better believe I'll say yes!
You DESERVE that shiny purple OOC text.

oh and being able to access the mentorhelp IRC channel. You'd make a great mentor!
I'd go so far as to offer you a premature welcome to the mentor club

Definite yes from me.

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