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Superlagg's Spritebagg
Not too long ago I fired up the ol' ColorMax Pro and gave spriting a go. Here's something that came of it, I butchered together a mop and a screwdriver, something pointy to collect trash and stick it in a bag. I'd really appreciate any criticism given to it, spriting's fun and I'd like to get better at it!

[Image: mopdriver.png]

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.dmi   mopdriver.dmi (Size: 1.1 KB / Downloads: 277)
Today I made a vacuum cleaner! It sucks up garbage from the floor and puts it in an attached trashbag, which'll get fuller and fuller until the bag bursts and spews garbage all over the place. It also comes with a lamp and a really loud motor. The buddies don't like it because it makes their screens go staticky.

What do you think?

[Image: VacInHandSheet.dmi][Image: VacItemSheet.dmi]
Hey, that's pretty good. Same with the trash-stabber-mopper. I'd enjoy both of these to be added to the growing list of janitalia.
Whipped up a bowl of bread soup.

[Image: SoupItem.png]
[Image: SoupInHand1.png]
I had to peak at the answer before I saw it as 'bread soup', but once I did it was plain obvious that it was a bowl of of mushed up dough-product.
Nice work.
I drew some dog people!

[Image: UZPNPKs.png]
[Image: kt2tmzH.png]
[Image: NKUg391.png]
[Image: Byh6amb.png]

I also byond'd it together to work as a mutant race. The colors are customized through the character preferences, like lizards!

...mostly just to see how to do byond things.

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.dmi   furrydogfurryuwu.dmi (Size: 2.7 KB / Downloads: 109)
[Image: PADVrOM.png]

Updated the sprites a little bit. Also, they bark instead of scream, are able to howl sorta, and have mostly-integrated narrator-mode barks. It sorta works!

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