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(B)admin: Herr_Spy_Guy
This guy: Herr_Spy_Guy

Instabanned for stealing a bike horn and not knowing the controls or how to play the game.
This guy is pissed because I had Dick McDick as my name is a (very serious) game like this.
Says he gave several chances (two instabans are "several" I guess).

This guys just sucks and won't help new players at all.

send help
Okay, like we told you in your appeal, you were not banned because you stole a bike horn and didn't know the controls.  We never once said a thing about you stealing a bike horn.  We don't give a shit about that.  Steal every bike horn you see, whatever, it's not an admin's problem to deal with that.

You were banned because you did not respond to the admin messages after repeated attempts to get you to respond.  You were not instantly banned, Spy messaged you repeatedly over nearly ten minutes, and when we heard absolutely nothing from you except you clicking away an admin alert, you were banned and told to appeal in the hopes you would finally say something to us.  And look at that, it worked, and now we know what's going on and you've been unbanned.

Spy was not pissed at your name, if anything he probably found it silly and amusing, but it was not appropriate for the RP server you were on.  e: Nevermind about the name I suggested for #2 here, I was a bit irate and exaggerated and ended up with a name that was not actually acceptable on #2 either. My bad.

There's no help for you unless you chill out and actually learn to read what we're saying instead of flailing wildly at your computer or whatever the hell it is you're doing here.
Look at time stamp. This is before you responded

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