HoS application- waffels5000
Ok guys i know i have a shitty history but please listen to me.i am applying for HoS because for one about seventy percent of the time security is going around fucking beating people and putting them in the qm space rollar coaster and farting on theyre face also I dont think the permabrig needs VR goggles, i mean whats the point of being punished if you're pretty much playing fucking mario cart. it's supposed to be like death or close to it. i have alot og security experience and 95% of the time am pretty good at it.My opinion of shreck? i two of them and my favorite part was when the get in the arena at lord farquads castle and shreck earns his freedom along with donkey. previous bans: permanant for throwing a couple of fire bombs but it got appealed. i also became more, i was in the void when a ghost was beating more up someone yelled caps changeling i ran up to cap dusarmed him of taser shot him with it then beat his head in all while fighting a spirit.
Usual name: Bobby Gribble
Byond name: waffels5000
This isn't even anywhere close to the template.
or the english language

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