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HoS application
I remember being Security alongside a Captain Randolph a couple times the other day. He was actually quite good about communication and trying to employ tactics, but not so hot when it came to actual investigation. A+ on robusting, B- on figuring out who to robust.
(08-24-2016, 04:39 AM)Grek Wrote: A+ on robusting

I wouldn't go that far, I'm not overly robust, but I'm working hard on it
The real robustness is teamwork, imo.
True robustness was friendship all along.
Randolph I can say for sure has mastered the art of teamwork, came across as pretty stellar when I was alongside him. Maybe could be more robust, but I'm in no position to point fingers on that account. Could tone it down on the salt in dead chat and take it easier. Other than that, no complaints.
I know I can get salty sometimes, I will reel it back.
ive seen you around quite often but rarely have i actually seen you play sec
He's been pretty helpful and solid as far as I've seen.
i have to admit, i play sec alot, and back in the day i never really saw him that much. but from recent experience playing on the sec team with him, he is pretty good at sec, he knows how to handle situations well, and most importantly, he isint a shitter

its a yes from me
I observed your officering a bunch yesterday and while I did see you work rather nicely as a team with your fellow officers, communicating, keeping tabs and all that, I also saw you do some rather damning things I'd personally wouldn't want to see any HoS worth their hat do.

First off, you don't really appear to ask the Heads for their opinion on stuff. One example would be you batoning a pod to death in the middle of the bar while the CE was shouting at you to stop doing just that. The pod was pretty dangerous in that it would poison (and kill) anyone that entered it without internals (the pod was named DEATHPOD for a reason) so I guess you would have a valid reason to do that, but ignoring the CE, stunning him and blowing up the pod while he was still stunned next to it... not so much.

The same pod was rebuilt at the chapel later (this time named DEATHPOD MK. II (enter to die) ) by the CE. When you found it later in the round and talked to the CE about it, you used a line "you shouldn't build this it might be used by a traitor". What? I mean come on man, we're playing a game where throwing around floor pills that melt you into a pile of ash is the accepted norm. I really don't want to see a HoS running around with that mindset, considering the pod would have been rather inefficient in killing the crew, as you can't really stuff them in it without them being a crate first. What's next, no banana peels?

You also like to take your time searching your prisoners. Like, really take your time, speaking of about 10 - 15 minutes here. Both times I observed you searching (admittedly a confirmed antagonist), you took off ALL of their stuff, wore it and *wink'ed every single piece of clothing one at a time for hidden derringers (possibly while searching for stealth containers as well?). That feels a little off putting personally but other opinions might differ. I mean, if you suspect the traitor is hiding something that is all well and good, but every single time you snag an antagonist? Eh.

Speaking of traitor items, I'd suggest not using an item you suspect to be a sleeping pen on a random person next to you. Admittedly you used a dead corpse in the brig (what) for further testing of every single pen you found lying around, but come on man, you should know better. Also drop the habit of getting the galoshes every single round. If there's a dude running about slipping people and sabering them, yeah go ahead, but doing that constantly feels a little too powergamey to me. You're supposed to be a mall cop, not a superhero. And honestly, I'm not getting "this guy is pretty robust!" feel others are appearing to project here. You seem to be a little slow on the draw in fights, a fatal flaw to have when a single hit is all it takes for you to be killed.

All in all, while you appear to be very knowledgeable about the game and I would approve of you becoming a mentor in a heartbeat, I cannot approve of you becoming a Head of Security. At least, not before you chill out about this "I have to win" mindset you appear to be having.

Firm NO to HoS from me, YES to mentor.
Well, the pod was called DEATHPOD and someone said over the radio it had killed the captain. The winking part came around from a traitor who had a freedom implant and almost derringered me to death in sec. But it does seems a bit excessive. The galoshes are usually something I grab every round, sec or not, just because fuck slipping. It used to be mag boots, but you can't be dragged w/ them on. The corpse in the brig was a traitor that died to their own pipebomb and since the cloner and robotics were down, nothing could be done with them, short of SR, and I wasn't about to waste the medical supplies/my time making sr, on a confirmed traitor.
I'll be honest, I'm pretty guilty of the galoshes thing too.
This guy has been playing sec a ton recently, and has really been improving from all that experience. His robustness has especially improved. In the past few weeks he's gone from a harmbatoner to an officer who puts up a good fight against antags.

There are a few issues to resolve though. Some of this I think is happening because this application is up and there's some pressure to show off how good of an officer you can be, and that's been coming on a bit strong. Some things ive noted over the past 2 days:
- Has a high rate of arresting people that turn out to be innocent
- Spends time investigating things that really aren't worth the time, like people hanging out in the diner
- Takes a long time to search people. Ideally a search should only take 20-30 seconds so that if someone does turn out to be clean they get on their way as fast as possible
- Punishes small things that really just deserve a farting on or a swirly at most with brig time

I think that Shrek will be a great HoS, but could use a bit more experience with how to balance being a threat to antags and letting others still have fun with the game.
I agree with Xavieri, its a YES for mentor and a NO for HoS

If that does happen you'll notice that you can play as HoS on Thurs/Fri [depending on time zone]. Take advantage of that to get used to wearing the hat.
There was also an incident in the Deathpod round that came off as quite negative and rubbed me the wrong way.

I caught a traitor and brought them to the brig for processing. While I'm dealing with the prisoner (searching him, putting him in the public cells) Shrek comes over insisting that I hand over the traitor's PDA. I tell him it's all taken care of but he continues to harass me. I brought the prisoner into the bathroom to see if I could extort money from him for a reduced sentence. While I'm doing this, Shrek barges in, again harassing for the ID and stripping the prisoner further  (I have the PDA in my possession already). The prisoner suicides because Shrek keeps telling him he's going to throw the PDA in the crusher. I take the PDA and go to place it in the contraband crate but Shrek is still right there insisting that he be given the PDA to crush it and when I tell him it's taken care of and to go do his job, he waits until I've placed the PDA in the contraband crate and locked it, then takes it out and runs off to the crusher to throw it in.

My issues with this whole situation:
• His attempts to micromanage when he's not even a superior officer. (This doesn't bode well. I foresee powertripping on an entirely different level)
• His unnecessary presence in general. (I had the prisoner cuffed and stripped of essential gear)
• His hard-headed attitude. (Quite stubbornly refused to go about his own business)
• Fun hating attitude. (While the act of crushing the PDA is up to the -arresting- officer, the contraband crate is there for a reason. Yes, they could come back in somehow and break into the crate but the risk involved and steps necessary would take some time. So, why not give someone an opportunity to get some loot? Plus, at the time of the PDA being placed and locked away in the contraband crate, the prionser in question had already suicided.)

Forgot to add: this is a NO from me.

His attitude came off as someone trying to show how he could be in control of everything and everyone, even if it means following them arround for ten minutes spouting orders when he has no authority to assert.
you are a cool guy, i've seen you been security alot of times but i was once a security officer and i saw you as a security officer, you went to customs and asked HOP for all access, he said no, and you broke in customs as a security officer and got all access, i saw the HOP just back up because he wanted no trouble, it was a few days ago,even the HOP said you are shit for breaking in without permission, no offense, and worst you werent even a antag or miscreant, you are sometimes dishonest and disagreeable, you make excuses ALOT, with ALOT i mean, like ALOT, these are the bad stuff from you, but the good stuff is that you are always on as a security officer and always patrol around, and pretty much make sure everything is neutral but you sometimes let some important and bad stuff slip away, but you are pretty ready sometimes when some shit is gonna go down and that is good.

its a NO. sorry

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