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Add Rev Back to Rotation
I also don't see how the problem with heads hiding in lockers can't be worked around.
Have a nerfed pin-pointer point in the direction of a given head, updated only every 30 seconds or every minute so it can be used to search for hidden heads without actually efficiently leading to them if they're moving and not hiding.
I think in fairness to the heads, once one head is attacked, all members of the revolution should be visible to the heads, but not the rest of the staff.
I want something like rev, heads are too complacent nowadays.
I heard somebody mention hybridizing Rev and Spy, into some Spy 3.0 in which there was only one revolutionary spymaster.
I think this direction holds promise, a single operative with 4 deluxe implants and a hit list seems like it could be alot of fun.
Doubly nice if the mindslaves all got a single crude weapon by default, such as a syndie dagger or .22 or even a single pipe bomb. (to complete their assassinations with)
Otherwise being mindslaved by the RevMaster just makes you a hardmode traitor with a single target. (You could get further assignments if you pass your initiation hit, which you receive when you get stuck with the implanter)

Mindslaves could automatically get uploaded with one of the 5 targets of the spymaster as an order they'd have to follow, I.E, spymaster sticks a dude with an implant. One of the aforementioned weapons falls to the ground at their feet. Say its a gun for this example, "You have been mindslaved by the spymaster! His target "Jimmy_Poo" has been assigned to you. Use the provided weapon to accomplish your hit!" Then the mindslaved dude has to go and try and whack jimmy poo with the .22

If the mindslaves fail, then the spymaster has to take his targets out with his own hand
Also, the spymaster has at least 1 target by default he has to whack himself -- whoever is left after he is done using the implanter.
Rev with hardmode traitor heads sounds like a lot of fun to me, the heads get a chance to make things interesting, prepare for the fight or just be mad with power. They even have their own radio channel for working together. I doubt many people will want to spend a "traitor" round hiding too. Having rev back in rotation would differentiate the head roles from the crew, and this way it's more of a fair fight and gives people a chance to do interesting stuff even in the context of a deathmatch mode.
did the riot control armory in security even exist at all back in the days when rev was in?

i recall that rev heads got telecrystal for traitor items to help them do their job alongside converting crew. there are lots of perfectly good, incredibly dangerous non-traitor items to be found around the station, and being able to round up a mob is a great power in itself. maybe if this access to traitor items was cut and the revolutionary hordes became limited to shit they build, steal, and scavenge it would help balance the scales a little
Hyberizing spy and rev? I created something like this a while ago called Mafia

In Mafia a player is randomly chosen to become a Underboss with the goal given by the Don to kill the heads and security so the Mafia can take the station .To complete this task the Under-boss is given a special Solider implant that doesn't work on the heads/security but doesn't wear off.He also recieves an special Headset with the comms of his current job and all of the mafia's special channels

MAFIA Gameplay

The Underboss is also given a special pda that has an special shop and it also has the ability to ask the Don for a special objectives the range from farting on someone to destroying the engine. If an objective is completed the pda is given a point to spend in the shop. Points can be taken and given from capo's private supplies and the Underboss can see and veto any of the capo's current missions

The stuff you can buy at the shop includes:
  • A random Traitor item
  • A special Implant that Turns someone into a Capo. The Capo gains a special icon over their head and may upgrade their PDA to use the same shop as you do except it lacks the Capo upgrade, Capo headset and may not transfer points by itself. The Capo can also do missions seperate from the under-boss's one and has it's own private supply stash
  • An implant that turns any Non-head/security into a perma Solider(You can't remove the implant and it's invisible)
  • A Capo headset that is connected to a Mafia command channel and has the ablity to make another channel and give it an letter
  • A Solider headset that does NOT include the Mafia-comand channel but can be linked to the Capo's created letter channel by wacking it against the Capo's headset
  • A Pinpointer that tracks the heads and security
  • An expensive Mafia suit that includes shoes, a fancy suit, a hat and a Tommy gun. This Tommy gun does not use ammo but instead when the wearer has an full suit it uses their stamina instead.Only mafia members can use this suit BUT If security gets ahold of it they can use an machine to transform it into an security version of the suit
  • An machine that can any tommy gun into THE Tommy gun (Competly useless for mafia purposes and cost 20-40 points) 

This will result in a fun and unique tier system where the Underboss upgrades the o2-3 mindslaves he trust and those people make and command small gang of mindslaves to complete objectives/attack the heads and security

Crew Gameplay

The heads and security job is to hunt down and kill the head insurgent.They don't know it is the Mafia round till an mafia-member is reveled as one by accident OR when the Snitch calls the station. The Snitch calls around the 5-10 minute mark(If the Head insurgent doen't delay him). He tells the crew that he upgraded their commasters with a special program that they can order information from and will tell them what he wants every 2-5 minutes.If they drop off items he wants (This ranges from pills with 100 of a random chemical to 10 laser guns) at randomly assigned dropzone (It changes every time he wants a new thing). If they complete the order they get One point to spend on buying information

The shit they can buy at the commaster is:

  • A random letter of the Underboss's name
  • a small portion of a fingerprint of the Underboss
  • A random current objectives of the Mafia
  • The number of Soliders/Capo's there are
  • What the Mafia has bought
  • The last mission a  Mafia member has done
  • Two implants the un-convert injected Mafia members and stops future recruiting(This cost 2 points)
  • An device that can turn the Mafia-suit and gun into something the crew can use -3 points-
  • An machine that can turn any tommy gun into THE Tommy gun -competly useless for crew's purposes and costs 20 points-
  • A name of a solider
  • Two letters of a capos name
  • If the Underboss first or last name is fully uncovered you can order a Tracking device to track him
This means the heads can slowly learn who the Mafia underboss is if the mafia agents don't try sabatoging the delivery of the items the snitch wants

How the round ends

The round ends in 4 ways

1-The head Underboss dies or leaves the Z-level (Head victory)
2-The heads and security die or leave the z-level (Mafia victory)
3-The shuttle is called and the crew leaves (Draw)
4-Everyone on the station is Tommy (Tommy victory)


The advantage of this system is that you can also modify it to make it into a changed gang mode in a  a mafia vs mafia vs crew system, just by adding a second mafia and making it so the goal of the mafia is to kill the other underboss and survive 15 minutes afterwords, with the crews goal is to kill both mafia heads.

The snitch in this senario is given to the underboss's also, where they can buy info on the other underboss
(08-05-2016, 10:45 AM)pizzatiger Wrote: WORDS
Wow this is a fantastic idea sounds like loads of fun.
I am all for this being a thing.
(08-05-2016, 10:45 AM)pizzatiger Wrote: wordjo

All very good.

I would love to see this happen.
Thank you for the kind words.

Small item Addition idea

Tommy Location device- Locates Tommies. When shaken a bunch has a chance to bug out and track non-tommy's
I like these words
I like Mafia
Let's do this instead of Rev
Mafia is the new Rev
I love those words!
Now the hard part, Finding a coder willing to code this into the game. The good news is 80% of the shit i listed is already in the game one form or another, just putting it all together and adding the other 20% is all that really needs to be done

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