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We all fucked up with the VOX thing.
Usual Character Name: Allied Mastercomputer, TRASHAI (AI)/Icarus (Borg)
Byond Username: Totheark
Current Status: Mentor

AI Experience:
At this point, after months of playing, I think I've spent about 1/4th my time being silicon. For the most part I'm more relaxed as AI, of course if someone is going on a huge rampage I'll do my best to lock them up until security arrives, but I won't scream at people for minor crimes. I've always followed my laws exactly immediately as they're uploaded, even the dreaded suicide or gimmick law. Although I definitely have a habit of just going completely silent when an especially shitty gimmick law is uploaded (Anyone who uploads a law saying the AI has to speak in binary or riddles deserves to be tossed into a pit of snakes). Of course, I understand all the base mechanics of AI as well as things less often used like using overcharges on the APCs to smash lights and spark fuel tanks or other explosives. As an AI, I'm usually straight to the point while playing TRASHAI, or more acting as a reluctant helper that hates humans while playing as Allied Mastercomputer (Reference to the story I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream). While I'm not following orders from the humans of the station I look around for people being murdered or generally odd occurrences. I tend to enjoy working with security teams on the station, if there are any, as the AI can be a valuable tool to catch a criminal.

Why do you want VOX?: It'd be a lot of fun for the occasional joke or reference, but otherwise it'd be fantastic for making people actually listen to announcements. Announcing over the radio that the PTL is online, and then instantly having someone walk into it is hilarious, but still stupid.

How would you not run VOX into the ground?: I definitely don't plan on abusing the power of VOX, as most things that VOX can be used for can also just be said over the radio, and faster as well. I very well understand that people won't want to hear VOX spammed over and over again, or just constantly getting stupid comments yelled at them, so I'd only use it once or twice a round for jokes or just random comments, and likely station announcements more often.
No one implemented the thing to allow us to whitelist VOX and we didn't really stop you all from making those applications and as it is making the mentor forum cluttered with useless threads I will move all the VOX applications to the denied forum.

Actually I just realized that'd make the denied forum cluttered with useless applications, so I'll just merge them all with this one and move this there.
Usual Character Name: Man Jackson
BYOND Username: DaberWebir
Current Status (Regular, Mentor, HOS, Badmin): Mentor

AI Experience (150 word minimum): I don't play AI all that often (I'd play a lot more if the camera system weren't so frustrating) but I like to think I know how to be reasonable when I do. I know how to play along with fun gimmick laws if they get uploaded, I'm not the sort of person who likes to bolt their upload at round start. Generally I try to keep in contact with the crew and coordinate operations, I'm big on coordination. Though I often find people just don't listen to the radio. Just to give you an example of my play, I remember this one round a while back, someone uploaded a law where I was the princess, the Captain was the king and it was my birthday so we were all having a party. I had loads of fun role-playing it and I think everyone there enjoyed playing along. They brought me a dress and a cake and everything. I like to think I'm good with verbal tricks if the situation calls for it too, like rules-lawyering or equivocating. Some people don't like when an AI does that but I'm pretty sure it's the point of it, to follow the letter of the law not the spirit.

Why do you want VOX: It'd be a convenient way to make important announcements. Most people seem to ignore the radio chat so a vocal callout of big things would work wonders.

How would you not run VOX into the ground (50 word minimum): Well, some people might think that making the funny voice say 'ASS DAY BUTTS OUT' a million times is the funniest thing in the world. Me, I just think that's kinda boring. I've seen the admins make VOX say amusing things enough, the novelty wore off a long time ago. I'd use it strictly for serious things, and would try to find an ideal usage frequency.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, unless something has changed over the past few days, no VOX whitelist system has been implemented yet, as per this post. Sorry. frown

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